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Vlcek is doing my tutorial!

Slow-carb Shepherd's Pie

In this challenge, you'll learn how to make one of my favorite slow-carb recipes: slow-carb shepherd's pie which uses mashed cauliflower instead of...

Nov 16th 2011
Vlcek blogged:

Member: Rob Vlcek

Twenty one years old; hooked on the 4h body.

Nov 11th 2011
Vlcek was recruited into 4 Hour People by LauraCox!

Give a warm welcome to Vlcek!

Nov 11th 2011
Vlcek is doing my tutorial!

Six-Minute Abs

If you're at 12% body fat but still don't have a well-defined six-pack, don't waste your time on conventional ab exercises. This challenge will tea...

Nov 7th 2011