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Swami Ji asked a question:

Bring Back Ex By Mantra

Swami alaknath ji (aghori tantrik), +91-9887777085. swami alaknath ji help you to regarding issues like :- Ex Lost Love Back, Husband Wife Disputes, Separation, Int...

10 days ago
Karan Nagpal asked a question:
10 days ago
smande commented on Moses Ong's reply:

Hi, I follow this diet along with my husband. My pet Dalmatian loves eggs as does my son. Imagine the amount of eggs I need in a week. I started g...

Nov 20th 2013
Nov 4th 2013
diaoman blogged:

Hello! I wanna get buff to attract the bizzles!

Wanna get buff so I can attract the bizzles!!!! Fo shizzle my nizzle bizzle

Apr 10th 2012
diaoman asked a question:

Doing Geek to Freak w/o recommended supplements?

Can I still gain fast muscle following the Geek to Freak experiment without the recommended supplements like No-Xplode and ALA?

Apr 10th 2012
pjmuller blogged:

Pj Muller says aloha

Hi there, I'm into the effective over efficient think pattern. Cheers, Pj

Sep 29th 2011
msabc commented on BobbyBigGuns's reply:

Now at 5.5 weeks and still no significant results. I did finally realize about 2 weeks ago that I needed to decrease my portion size significantl...

Aug 9th 2011
msabc blogged:

Member intro: 2.5 week female and no result...

2 and a half weeks on the diet and only 2 lbs lost Since that’s a normal fluctuation for me, I’m not even sure if that’s real weight loss or just within the fluctuation. 2nd week was “t...

Jul 21st 2011
msabc asked a question:

Common Mistakes?

I figure this might be useful for some of us who have plateau'ed or never saw the weight loss even start! Here's mine: 1) Corn is not allowed!! 2) For me, it's too easy for that 2 glasses of wine...

Jul 21st 2011