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John Whitworth asked a question:

Break after 8 weeks???

I’ve read somewhere that you should take a break after 8 weeks on the SCD. I’m doing well and still losing weight so I’m reluctant to do this. Can anyone confirm this is correct ...

20 days ago
G G commented on Mia Leill's reply:

Did you read the book? and why it's called slow carb diet and not NO or LOW Carb diet?

23 days ago
Pierrebuz replied to Megan Tenney's question:

Exercises on Non-Cheat Days

While exercising any time of the week is good for you, the air squats and high intensity interval training (HIIT) recommended is specific to cheat day. The effects of this HIIT are intended to re-...

50 days ago
G G replied to orezscu86's question:

Experimentation with Cheese

Dr. Davis (author of Wheat Belly) has been called out for a writing a book based on 60’s and 70’s food science. There is more holes in his book than the cheese you crave. If you are ...

63 days ago
G G replied to Jason Rotramel's question:

Week 1 results , gained 1 LB lost .5 inch on waist

Congrats on week 1, I should just stop here as it’s ONLY WEEK ONE! Commit to a T as you say for at least 4-6 weeks. Do all your measurements before cheat day starts, get up, pee, then hit th...

63 days ago
G G replied to Aku Meyers's question:

Vegan Slow Carb Diet for average weight female

I can imagine this would be a hard protocol to follow being such a stricty vegan. 1 cup of black beans is about 13 G of protien, 230 - cals, 42 carbs. 1 cup of almonds 540 ish cals, 19 g of carb...

70 days ago
G G commented on Michael James's reply:

Micheal - excellent point on the lower BF levels & fibre. I was the king of the stalls and it drove me mental. But I did a ton of research on ...

75 days ago
G G commented on G G's reply:

Ok so the protein sources are good, your fats are great and people carrying more body fat can eat more fats. If you are getting close to goal weig...

75 days ago
G G replied to Pooja CL's question:

Gaining weight not losing??

Perhaps get your Thyroid checked? What are your protein sources like? Looks like you track your food, you using MFP? What do your carb and fat counts look like daily if your eating 100g of prote...

79 days ago
G G replied to Corrie R's question:

Question about fatty meats

If you are losing weight eating the way you are, then keep doing it. If you are stalling then you can to look at your protein quality. Some people do better with more fats and less carbs and some...

Feb 26th 2015
G G replied to Dayna King's tip:

This is amazing!

Congrats and keep up the good work. Most cheat days make your retain water & bloat from the carb load and sodium mostly. So dont let the scale scare you after a good cheat day. At the same ...

Feb 26th 2015
Dayna King replied to Chris K's question:

Flour Substitute Questions. This Doesn't Make Sense

It may be the concentration of it in a serving, if it is ground into a flour you are getting a very concentrated dose. i found myself looking too but now i realize i just have to live without bre...

Feb 26th 2015
Dayna King shared a tip:

This is amazing!

I could not believe my eyes when I got on the scale this morning!!! i have lost a total ten pounds since last Tuesday! i was worried fatterday did me in when i gained 4.4lbs but i returned to my...

Feb 26th 2015

This cheat day I think I will have homemade banana bread and A bunch of strawberries. Not to mention the homemade Oreo cookies a friend gave me th...

Feb 24th 2015
G G replied to Patrick Conrey's question:

Honey Before Bed

Couldnt the same be said for a Tbsp of Almond butter? Honey actually contains the same basic sugar units as table sugar. Both contain glucose and fructose.

Feb 24th 2015
Dayna King shared a tip:

Happy Fatterday!

today is my first fatterday and boy was i excited all week but now that it is here i am not really craving anything! i have lost 7 lbs since I started! Cant wait to reach my goal weight, I pla...

Feb 21st 2015

Cooked, as he doesn't even buy the dried ones he buys canned so I would assume the 1.5 cup rule applies to fully cooked and ready to eat legumes.

Feb 19th 2015
Dayna King replied to Christopher Nielsen's question:

Chicken instead of beans?

how come you wont eat beans? he stresses the importance of them to bulk out meals. i hope you arent losing muscle mass…

Feb 19th 2015

Or add more legumes?

Feb 19th 2015

I have the same issue so I added more protein to my day, I tbsp of peanut butter has 100 cals

Feb 19th 2015
Dayna King replied to Kyla Wright's question:

still no results? (week 2)

i just started and have lost 5 pounds. have you been eating 2 eggs, spinach, veggies salsa each morning?

Feb 19th 2015
G G replied to Phil Schroeder's question:

Literally the same meals?

Most people eat the same thing over and over again. Especially breakfast and lunch.

Jan 12th 2015
G G replied to Ruby Wiswall's question:

Aggression from too much meat?

Beans are the carbs in Slow carb as are the veggies Vs paleo where your carbs come from fruit and veggies. Neither of these are supposed to be NO CARB eating. Keep your fats high & your prot...

Jan 12th 2015
G G commented on G G's reply:

compliant = allowed non compliant is not allowed.

Jan 8th 2015
G G replied to Martn Zucal's question:

Breakfast / Salvado Crackers

Made with wheat & flour right? Then no, as per the book/diet/plan etc it would not be compliant. Carbs before the gym & slow carb 4HB compliant = Black beans, lentils, kidney beans, bea...

Jan 7th 2015
G G replied to Bas Hamer's question:

Looking for a stool softner

You may need to suppliment with a fibre source. Green beans as a veg are very fibrous.

Jan 5th 2015
G G commented on Katherine C.'s reply:

That's what slow carb is,meat, veg a few carbs from legumes. No where in the book does he sayl to eat 60 grams of protein for breakfast, it's 30 gr...

Dec 12th 2014