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Jonathan Wong asked a question:

How much do I need to chew my beans?

I don’t particularly mind the taste of beans, but it’s a pain to chew them. Would I get the full nutritional “effects” if I just swallow them whole? Can I blend them?

73 days ago
Robert Park replied to Ziv Kraizelman's question:

The Low Information Diet: should you not read books?

I’m a big reader as well, and I’ve noticed an annoying pattern in diet books. They almost all start out with variations of “everything you know about dieting is wrong!” and...

Jun 27th 2016
Feb 9th 2016
Feb 9th 2016
David Thain replied to eroberts's question:

Turnips and carrots

ok if u dont want to hear “no”, then yes. But no is the real answer lol especially to turnips.

Jan 21st 2016

I should add that I was 162 pounds going in and my waist was developing a spare tire that I wanted no part of. I was an endurance athlete for 39 ...

Nov 6th 2015
Ray Fauteux replied to Katie Jester's question:

Stuck..could Bacon be the problem?? Help!

Could be….I love bacon as well so what I do is make a 2-egg omelete with extra egg white filled with black beans, tomato, green onion, mushroom and I cut 1 slice of bacon into half-inch piec...

Nov 6th 2015

Keep it simple. I was 162 pounds(about 12 pounds overweight for me). breakfast-2 eggs with extra egg white omelet filled with black beans, green ...

Nov 6th 2015
Krista Hill asked a question:

What's a good protein shake for Slow Carb Diet?

I’m new into slow-carb and loving the results. sometimes at work i don’t have time for a meal and was wondering if there is a good shake for those times? I’ve been using Arbonne ...

Oct 22nd 2015
Ray Fauteux replied to Michael James's question:

Minimizing "Whole Hog" Cheat Days

I think Tim had it right in the book when he said to make cheat day breakfast a slow carb breakfast that you might normally eat during the week. Then after that, eat whatever you want for the re...

Oct 16th 2015
William Mok replied to Thomasa Van T Hoff's question:

Slow carb diet... Why is it not working?

Have you tried using a claorie counter? Maybe it’s the quantity for calories?

Oct 7th 2015
William Mok asked a question:

Self Hypnosis

Does anyone here use self hypnosis cds for any personal performance or stress releif purposes? If so please reccommend which ones you use and why. Thanks

Oct 6th 2015
Bud commented on Bud's reply:

Yes I do precook the meat toppings, although as a quick fix I would add 3 Pepperettes cut up into small pieces. Remember this is just for taste. T...

Sep 25th 2015
Bud replied to Madeline Johnson's question:

New Recipes for The Slow Carb Diet

-Take a non stick cake pan (or casserole) and spray a little Pam on it. Add a can of rinsed lentil mixed with a can of rinsed any other bean (red, white kidney or black bean). Add a layer of organ...

Sep 13th 2015
BigDaddy replied to Christian Tambo Holm's question:

About those beans..

If a can is only 240grams, that is about 1 cup. Definitely not a problem to eat 1/4 cup 4 times per day. Best of luck !

Jul 14th 2015

So, is it ok to work out 5-6 days a week? The book suggests Monday, Wednesday and Friday, as well as the pre breakfast routine. I think, before I...

Jun 22nd 2015
Jun 18th 2015
Karla Augert asked a question:

New and gaining weight

I started the diet 1 week ago and i’m actually gaining weight. I’m not sure why as I am eating a lot of protein, working out with either running or a metabolic type workout and drinki...

Jun 18th 2015
John Whitworth asked a question:

Break after 8 weeks???

I’ve read somewhere that you should take a break after 8 weeks on the SCD. I’m doing well and still losing weight so I’m reluctant to do this. Can anyone confirm this is correct ...

May 7th 2015
G G commented on Mia Leill's reply:

Did you read the book? and why it's called slow carb diet and not NO or LOW Carb diet?

May 4th 2015
Pierrebuz replied to Megan Tenney's question:

Exercises on Non-Cheat Days

While exercising any time of the week is good for you, the air squats and high intensity interval training (HIIT) recommended is specific to cheat day. The effects of this HIIT are intended to re-...

Apr 8th 2015