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G G commented on G G's reply:

I should add, your liver will not aid in any fat loss until it burns off the booze, so it could lead to stalling.

3 days ago
G G replied to Caroline Ince's question:

To booze or not to booze

Red wine only during the week for me, usually Wednesday & Fridays, two glasses each day, cheat day is Saturday = beer! :)

3 days ago
G G commented on Tomhole's reply:

I'm going to add something about fruit consumption as I have started to eat fruit again. If I eat fruit in the morning, it's a serving and it's alw...

3 days ago
G G asked a question:

A great Video on tracking Weight/Measurements

A great video on being obsessed with weighing yourself, weight fluctuations, day to day/week to week and info specific to women about water weight and monthly cycles. You can start it at 3:00. Pl...

3 days ago

1000 calories a day is way to hard of a deficit, You will loose weight at an almost unhealthy pace, and then your body will eventually stall and yo...

7 days ago
7 days ago
Marcus Greatheart replied to evibrewer's question:


See my reply to another question about PAGG in Canada on this site:

7 days ago
8 days ago
Tanner Hoplock replied to rugbymate663's question:

My Plan So Far

Seems like you’re more or less just kind of doing your own thing, definitly not SCD. Are you only eating vegtables? it seems like you are just eating at a huge deficit. unfortunatly that wo...

8 days ago
G G replied to Dan Williams's question:

My Success Story - A Brief Discussion

Thanks for sharing and congrats!!

18 days ago
G G replied to Ian Cornies's question:

VEGA ONE shakes

If your not losing weight/inches over time.. then you know what to take out. Just make sure there is’nt hidden sweeteners or corn products. I would mix with water over the almond milk.

18 days ago
Samantha replied to Ian Cornies's question:

VEGA ONE shakes

I have been using them for the last 2 weeks and I have seen major improvements in how I feel, also in how much weight I have lost. I have hypothyroidism so I cant eat the cruciferous veggies he su...

18 days ago
G G commented on Litfuel's reply:

Why would a vegan version better? Nothing will beat a quality whey isolate. 0 sugars & 0 Carbs no flavor, there are a ton of them out there. ...

22 days ago
Constantin replied to Jane Smith's question:

This Question Has Been Removed

While I do IF I haven’t really experienced your symptoms. Are you doing both cardio and weights or just one or the other? You say you don’t train fasted but have you tried doing it? ...

28 days ago
Constantin replied to Mindy Parmett Fiddler's question:

Vacation and 4 hour diet

The last thing I’d want to do on such a vacation is restrict what I eat and then feel bad about it for weeks/months. You are on vacation so enjoy it. Eat whatever makes you happy and get b...

28 days ago
G G replied to Johannes Hesse's question:

Newbie got a lot of questions.

Hey Johannes, welcome to the journey. Are you adding chili sauce to the canned beans or are you buying them that way? At any rate check for sugars & hidden wheat or corn or any of the 40 co...

29 days ago

just read this today was an interesting perspective

36 days ago
G G replied to Grace Sheng's question:

Long term effects on the kidneys? Nutrient deficiencies?

I had a DEXA scan after being on SCD for over a year and my bone density was way above average. After blood work my cholesterol went form high to normal, my blood pressure went from high side to n...

38 days ago
Tanner Hoplock replied to Grace Sheng's question:

Long term effects on the kidneys? Nutrient deficiencies?

Well the way I look at SCD is it helps people to loose weight, excess fat is very bad for your heart, joints and overall health. You can make the diet fairly healthy by eating veggies, these can p...

39 days ago
G G commented on ironcheftj's reply:

Luis, you sound like me with regards to cheat day gains and how long it takes to drop. I think you are on the right track, it's time to start coun...

39 days ago
Tanner Hoplock replied to Patrick McCay's question:

Do you reckon any truth to this

Hard to say, in the article it said it doesn't have any hard evidence because there are to many variables, they will never know what kind of lifestyle those people lived. There are so many studies...

45 days ago
G G commented on G G's reply:

I know the battle and I still live it. You give up so much of the food you used to eat and the results are not what what you expected. Stay the c...

45 days ago
G G replied to Josh McMahon's question:
45 days ago

Patricia: I'm gonna go see my generalist, to ask for scans. I was told, when I was 14, that I might have PCOS but when I saw my gynacologist, he to...

47 days ago

India - I went to see 2 doctors (gynacologists), explained my diet/ training routine to them, both of them told me that it shouldn't change anythin...

47 days ago
Tanner Hoplock replied to Serkan Atila's question:

Using PAGG with other supplements

probably no harm in it, but those supplements are fairly expensive and generally a waste of money, the only four that have real benefits will be, fish oil , protein powder, a daily multivitamin and...

48 days ago
Tanner Hoplock replied to Grace Sheng's question:

Safe for kids?

You should be alright to do this diet, just eat until your full, if you have a small frame you won't need as any calories so just make smaller portions Good luck!

48 days ago
Marie-joelle Desjardins asked a question:

No more periods on SCD

Hey everyone! I will give you guys some of my background before I go straight to my title. In summer 2013 I was 24 when I first started the SCD, I was 150lbs and have been since I was 14 years ol...

48 days ago
G G commented on G G's reply:

Since you are starting out.. you will probably need to give yourself 6 weeks of 100% to the letter slow carb before you can start to see what certa...

49 days ago
G G replied to MaryFatimah Weening LAc's question:

Tofu allowed?

Hey there and welcome to the journey. Here is a good thread on it Were you thinking of eating it daily or once a week type thing? I eat it inf...

50 days ago
G G replied to FitSA80's question:

Meal Replacement / To Few Calories

The right answer is determined by doing it and tracking your stats. Your going to have to go with your routine for a few weeks and see what happens. My thoughts are you will see some significant ...

50 days ago

i am also interested in finding an answer to this

52 days ago

For some reason it looks like Whey Tech Pro 24 is not available in Canada and the shipping cost from Vitamin Shoppe is pretty extreme (and I've rea...

53 days ago
Constantin replied to Tomhole's question:

Quest bars

Hey Tomhole, Thanks for the information. I did a bit more research last week and found this helpful site: If you scroll ...

53 days ago
G G replied to Amy Cohen's question:

I stalled and lost my umph

Was 116 the right weight for you or do you think 120-125 is ideal for balance & happiness? My wife is a part timer, SCD breakfast & dinner but she has what ever she wants for lunch and ...

57 days ago
Constantin commented on Tomhole's reply:

Hey Tomhole, Sorry to hijack this area. What color is the wrapping for the protein bars that you are using? I have started hitting the gym and ...

59 days ago
G G replied to Mindy Parmett Fiddler's question:

Come to a stall?

I had a serious stall 6 months at least, I experimented with Whey protein & water for my 30 in 30 then started intermittent fasting. I did 16 hours fasted 8 hour feeding window, basically eati...

62 days ago
G G replied to Luis Mejia's question:

quick breakfast that i have been doing

If its working for you, keep it up. If you stall, well you know what to eliminate first.

64 days ago
G G replied to ashbby972's question:

Jalapeños on SCD

These have helped me a great deal, making eggs more yummy or adding them to my home made pork sausage patty's or sauteing them in a veggie medley.

64 days ago
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64 days ago
G G replied to Daniel Muller's question:

What exercise should I add to my routine

To answer your question specifically. I would cancel out the close grip pulls and perhaps do single arm dumbbell rows, bent over rows or wide grip pull ups/assisted pull ups. To add to your abs I...

64 days ago
G G replied to Michele Marks's question:

Intermittent Fasting vs 30/30

Go back and re-read the section in the book about the 30 in 30. In a live chat with Tim Ferriss he pointed out that it could be 30 grams in 40 or 45 mins, but he came up with 30 in 30 as a easy p...

67 days ago
G G replied to Alexander's question:

Mood swings after the cheat day

I hear you man. I used to get the day after cheat day blues. I got to eat and drink what I wanted, it, all hopped up on carbs, sugars and an increased endorphin rush, then CRASH! Guilt ridden, ...

70 days ago
G G replied to wingtcoach's question:

Cycling beans

You could up your legume consumption on workout days, or have some at each meal leading up to and after your workout. Then on non workout days you could either drop them completely or lower the p...

72 days ago
G G commented on bnz99's reply:

The print out does not split up the make up of the lean mass. I don't really care about that. What I like is the break down of each limb for musc...

73 days ago