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Rodrigo Jardim replied to N.Pape's question:

What are your favourite vegetarian recipes?

I’m not vegetarian but have you read the “meatles machine” chapter of the book?

Sep 3rd 2014
Rodrigo Jardim shared a tip:

Cupcake with allowed ingredients

I’ve just tested this recipe and it tastes delicious AA handful of peanuts OOne table spoon of cocoa powder OOne tea spoon of Ferment 2 eggs PuPut everything in the Blender BBake for 10min/2...

Sep 1st 2014
Rodrigo Jardim replied to Morgan Dowdy's question:

Can I do cardio the first few weeks?

you do not need to stop workingout, the thing in the book says to not start working out. The real problem is that if you start the two things at the same time it can bee too much for your body, or...

Aug 11th 2014
Rodrigo Jardim replied to Marshall Tipton's question:

PAGG not digesting

Ive manipulated them, did not had this kind of problem, but the PAGG stack gave me alergies, so I cannot add PAGG to my diet :D

Aug 11th 2014
Rodrigo Jardim replied to Adam Smit's question:

Occam's Protocol: Crap, I'm gaining fat.

Any protocol that will make you gain muscle fast will make you gain some fat too. Check if you are gaining the muscle, if the answer is yes, than it is OK, the extra muscle will help you loose the...

Aug 11th 2014
Diego Crusius replied to Kanard's question:

Non-US food

I had similar issues since I'm from Brazil. I also have trouble translating the 'cottage cheese', since it reffers to 2 different types of cheese here. Anyway Im having one spoon of a light creamm...

Nov 29th 2013

as a starter (8 weeks) people have noticed the changes here though Im male. Just keep going and you'll see.

Nov 29th 2013
Diego Crusius commented on G G's reply:

I've read somewhere else that each egg is like 10g of proteins each and my breakast is like 2 eggs, some slices of chicken (chest) and lentis/bean...

Nov 29th 2013

I'm not sure if my comment will help, but I have my cheat days every sunday. Now Im having a 'sweetener friday' (5 drops of sweetener in my coffee...

Nov 29th 2013
Diego Crusius commented on G G's reply:

You are right on thinking about me wanting to lose weight faster, but Im happy how things are going - I just don't want to stall. I really want to...

Nov 28th 2013
Nov 26th 2013
Diego Crusius asked a question:


Hi. I've been on SCD for 6 weeks now and good results, based only on my weight (started at 210 and now Im 198 lbs). I've lost some belly too wich is awesome; the diet is going fine and I'm adaptin...

Nov 23rd 2013

is there any good substitute for grapefruit juice? It is simply impossible to find it where I live.

Nov 23rd 2013
kvm asked a question:

One week in stats...Today is my dgw party!!!

Hello fellow dieters! One week in and today I weigh 70.2 kilos (154 lbs)...around 4 pound loss!! Did two days of IF, which I loved by the way. And worked out 3 days this week. Today is my day of...

Apr 30th 2013
kvm commented on Maria Rider's reply:

Juan CONGRATS!!!!!! I was crying from happiness from reading your post! I am still fairly new here...but am amazed at the support everyone gives ...

Apr 30th 2013
kvm commented on saberhack's reply:

I type y and a d comes out?????? I shopped for my sugary crappy delicious stuff today....

Apr 30th 2013
kvm commented on saberhack's reply:

Meant dummies......hahaha

Apr 30th 2013