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Apr 1st 2016
Apr 1st 2016
Fetske replied to Abulonna's question:

Cheatday EVE again:

I will have some normal breakfast, some bread with meat. Lunch will be probably french fries as this is the thing I miss the most on the diet, afterwards we invited some friends for a BBQ so proba...

Jul 19th 2013
Fetske commented on Joan Good's reply:

Hi Joan, Good advise! I try to eat eggs with letils for breakfast, they contain quiet some proteins and I easy get in 30 g. I eat 1 whole egg and...

Jul 16th 2013
Fetske replied to Tina S's question:

Can you eat too much on cheat day? Is guilt normal?

I went nuts my first week on the diet during cheat day. I ate a lot of fat and carbs + alcohol (beer and long drinks) until early in the morning. I did not loose any weight Last 2 weeks I tried t...

Jul 16th 2013
Fetske replied to never_ever's question:

Foods to avoid on Cheat Day?

What about alcohol? I drink a lot of beer / longdrinks during cheat day ... (10 beers + some long drinks)

Jul 9th 2013
Marijn Somers asked a question:

having guilt feelings when I don't eat chocolat

Hi all, I have been on and off on this diet for about 10 months now, with great results. I was weighing 78kg, which dropped really fast to 69KG, after gaining a bit I am now back to a comfortable ...

May 21st 2013

Still too early to tell if they are the cause... These acute surges of pain can have many triggers but thank you for the suggestion - when the pai...

Apr 10th 2013

So would I - I'm just eliminating possibilities

Apr 10th 2013
Harmen Stevens asked a question:

Is there any causality been discovered between the four hour diet and increasing lower back issues?

I have started eating the diet about a week ago, increasing - as suggested - my intake of calcium, potassium and magnesium. Having a chronic issues with my lower back for app 7 years now (chronic ...

Apr 9th 2013
Feb 4th 2013
Marijn Somers asked a question:

do I need protein on every meal ?

probably asked here before but couldn't find it with search. I am on SCD for some months with great success (although struggled first months). I was wondering if we need protein on every meal ? I...

Jan 14th 2013
Peter Marsham asked a question:

Dad's route / Ateronon

Has anyone recently gone the route that Tim's dad did and done the breakfast substitution without changing any other parts of their daily diet and seen results from it? Basically I'm looking for...

Jan 7th 2013
Marijn Somers replied to chasebald's question:

What's your weakness?

Bread and french cheese...

Oct 1st 2012

Antwerp, Belgium !

Sep 12th 2012
Marijn Somers replied to T-C's question:

Has anyone else gotten sick on cheat day? (possible TMI)

yup, same here. not the vomiting, but the diarrhea ! Had a few cheat days, and the last weeks I am starting to feel sick after lunch, and that continues mostly until sunday. (cheat day is on sat...

Sep 10th 2012

indeed, when I crunch the numbers I can see how much I have lost: water: 0,89 kg body fat: 2.22 kg muscle: 0,89 kg So it appears I have lost almo...

Sep 10th 2012

Ok, will do some reading on the topic ! And do the math, ofcourse

Sep 10th 2012
Marijn Somers asked a question:

Results after week 4: Body fat is going down, but % water is going up ?

Hi all, About a month ago, when I first started this journey on SCD, I invested in a decent electronic scale that could also tell me my % water, body fat, muscle and bone mass. I can see in my re...

Sep 9th 2012

A typical day for me would be: - breakfast: 4 eggs and a bit of bacon or spinach - lunch: a can (400gr) of lentils or legumes with some salad and ...

Sep 3rd 2012

still doing lots of legumes for lunch in a salad !!

Sep 3rd 2012

So, last week I stopped eating legumes in the evening, limiting my portions a bit and started forcefeeding myself water..and behold!!!!! We have l...

Sep 3rd 2012
Aug 27th 2012

oh...I thought that was the whole get into the ketosis state..oops!

Aug 24th 2012
Marijn Somers asked a question:

are uritest the same as ketostix ?

Hi all, Here I am again :p I was reading up on how to check whether or not you are in ketose, and apparantly they have some strips for it to pee on, called ketostix. Anyone have any experience o...

Aug 24th 2012

Whoa, thanks for the cool remark! Tomorrow is my cheat day, I am going to make it count I am going to try no beans/lentils in the evening, just ...

Aug 24th 2012

The more I think about your comment, the more it makes sense Thanks!

Aug 24th 2012

But how do I get the needed amount of protein then ? Just finished a can of sardines, they only are 24g of protein. That would require me to get 1...

Aug 24th 2012
Marijn Somers asked a question:

3 weeks in update

Hi all, Been checking in to this site quite regularly, love all the hard work people put in here! So, I am now 3 weeks in and I must say I am dissapointed, cause I haven't lost anything.. My goa...

Aug 24th 2012
Marijn Somers asked a question:

Problem ifhaving much more protein then needed in a meal

Hi all, I just munched about - 200grams of green beans (12gr protein) - double chicken breast (30g proteinper 100 gr: it was 400gr so that means 120 gr protein!) I am counting everything nowaday...

Aug 10th 2012

Just got myself some cans of beans and lentils, this time I will do it correctly Just had a delicious meal of salmon and red beans

Aug 8th 2012