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Tuan Nguyen shared a tip:

Spray paint art

In this free video you will learn: [list] [*]What are the most important attitudes and skills you must have to be able to be a visionary spray paint artist. [*]What 3 factors and 3 types of color ...

Dec 1st 2013
Tanner Hoplock replied to sunnymatilda's question:

2 month stall - HELP!

I broke through a plateau once with a 40 hour fast, I dropped 4 lbs by the end of the fast and the weight never came back.

Oct 15th 2013

Yes on cheat day alcohol should be fine, having only a cheat meal can have its benefits too. Just keep on going and remember its a long process w...

Oct 11th 2013
Tanner Hoplock replied to Ann E's question:

4 weeks in SCD and no weight or measurements lost

Cut out the beer, It will be the only thing holding you back, beer has carbs and alcohol has a lot of calories, even wine has the potential to stall people. Try it for a minimum of two weeks and s...

Oct 10th 2013
Tanner Hoplock replied to Ben Burnett's question:

Exercise on the scd

Unfortunately if you are really getting hard into training SCD might not be for you, Your muscles need carbs for fuel, the best thing for you, if you are serious about training would be to count ...

Oct 2nd 2013
Tanner Hoplock replied to staceyjamie's question:

How to follow the SCD in asia ?

Where in Asia are you I've been in Vietnam for the past two years no problems with SCD here. lol just noticed this is a 2 year old question

Sep 30th 2013
Tanner Hoplock replied to Tomhole's question:

35 hour fast

Good to hear, I had very similar results, I have done two 40 hour fasts in the last month, I felt great while doing them and I dropped 4 lbs the first time and it actually stayed off in the coming...

Sep 27th 2013
Tanner Hoplock replied to Shahar Reznik's question:


You will gain fat while on a bulk, but its small compared to the muscle you will gain. You also won't be able to eat SCD while bulking. Occams and SCD are two separate programs you can't mix and m...

Sep 26th 2013
Tanner Hoplock replied to angelawas's question:

Can't eat another egg

chicken, fish, pork, steak. Any source of protein, just because it's the morning doesn't mean you have to eat eggs. Whole food are always the best for you, I BBQ or pan fry chicken and fish quite ...

Sep 25th 2013
Sep 23rd 2013

I also eat 5-6 whole eggs a few times a week with no problems, I would never bother with only egg whites.

Sep 16th 2013
Tanner Hoplock replied to Shane Howard's question:

Is this CHEAT day compliant?

I have heard of a few people doing a similar cheat day to you, it will be interesting to see your results.

Sep 13th 2013
Tanner Hoplock replied to Katherine C.'s question:

What's with all the egg substitute?

I routinely eat 5- 6 whole eggs for breakfast a few times a week, and have had no problems at all. I have no idea why people use egg substitute.

Sep 13th 2013
Tanner Hoplock asked a question:

7 Months Progress

Well I figured I should make a progress thread, I still have a ways to go though. Here is how SCD has impacted my life. Pros: - All my acne cleared up which is very surprising, I have always h...

Sep 13th 2013
Tanner Hoplock replied to Alex Abernathy's question:

School Nutritionist

That's seems weird. I think the healthiest option for teenagers are counting calories and macro-nutrients which provide fats, carbs and protiens, for growing people. Low carb isn't for athletes or...

Sep 12th 2013
Tanner Hoplock replied to imghtbewrng's question:

Protein Shakes with or In place of breakfast

Some people can use protein shakes with no problems and for other people it can stall their weight loss. Whole foods are always better for you. I wouldn't worry about 30 minutes to much I think as...

Sep 11th 2013
Tanner Hoplock replied to Melissa Anthony's question:

Rookie - Day 2

Yup basically detox gets easier in time give it a few weeks and it shouldn't be a problem at all.

Sep 11th 2013 It's a popular fitness program, mostly just cardio, its hyped up allot. It's also very ...

Sep 5th 2013

Once a month I have one big cheat day and the other one is usually a bit lighter, it really depends on you. If you hit a plateau then try to exper...

Sep 5th 2013
Tanner Hoplock replied to Madison Bryan's question:

What to eat before workout?

if your working out hard then just eat some more SCD food during your meals an you will be fine .

Sep 5th 2013
Tanner Hoplock replied to Chirag Sharma's question:

Skipping Cheat Day for Three Weeks

The results can vary allot from person to person. My first few months on SCD I experimented skipping a few cheat days and ended up loosing the same amount of weight I would have if I had the cheat...

Sep 5th 2013
Tanner Hoplock replied to Alex Abernathy's question:

Fat Loss Sections

Unfortunately you will just loose fat wherever your body chooses, you can't loose in a specific area you want , I have lost almost 50lbs on this diet but still have love handles as well. just keep...

Aug 29th 2013
Tanner Hoplock replied to Tomhole's question:

Next Experiment: Carb Back Loading

How long have you been on SCD Tom? I'm in the same boat as you, I just want to loose another 10-15lbs and then do a clean bulk, I was thinking that would be the end of my SCD lifestyle then I woul...

Aug 21st 2013
Tanner Hoplock replied to Mike Linville's question:

How much prootein is too much?

No need to worry, I had about 100 grams of protein for breakfast, I eat meat with every meal too, I also include allot of veggies. Don't worry about the calories unless it just something you enjoy...

Aug 21st 2013
Tanner Hoplock replied to A W's question:

What just happened?

Maybe cod liver oil? it can cause vomiting and nausea I had some green tea that made me sick once before.

Aug 16th 2013
Tanner Hoplock replied to levar's question:

Hitting plateau quickly?

There is a possibility your working out to much, when you first start a diet you might be better off not working out at all or just very light exercise like walking. Save the more advanced stuff f...

Aug 16th 2013
Tanner Hoplock replied to Mitchy Campbell's question:

Eating on the go

I found it really easy to do SCD while traveling and on business, I just order veggies and meat just eat low carb, most restaurants have some options, not sure about fast food though I try to avoi...

Aug 15th 2013

What does CQ stand for? On cheat days I have been drinking a little prune juice to help things along works great just don't drink to much.

Aug 14th 2013

Oh and just eat more SCD food to if you feel the need to replace the items, and stevita is pretty crappy for your health either way I would just c...

Aug 14th 2013

It's incredibly hard to gain muscle mass while eating at a deficit, although not impossible, the items I mentioned are just questionable, they hav...

Aug 14th 2013

I would try cutting out the Stevia, Protien shake, Almond milk, and almond butter.

Aug 14th 2013
Tanner Hoplock replied to Natasha Mascarenhas's question:

Does the PAGG Stack work?

There are mixed reviews, I personally think most weight loss supplements are just a waste of money tiny gains for a big price, and it certainly won't help you keep it off, you need a proper eating...

Aug 14th 2013
Aug 11th 2013
Tanner Hoplock replied to Alex Abernathy's question:

Already fit people and Carbohydrates

It's all genetics, I have friends that just eat crap food there whole lives and still have a 6 pack abs. Some people are just genetically superior in some ways, just make the most with what you ha...

Aug 8th 2013

Yup half a cup per day.

Aug 8th 2013
Tanner Hoplock replied to Kyari's question:

How to make a good start?

Congrats on the first day! and no you don't have to take any supplements and I would suggest not taking anything especially at the start of your diet. I think the price of PAGG really out weighs ...

Aug 8th 2013
Tanner Hoplock replied to DougM's blog post:

SCD starts 8/5!

30 before 30 can be easy just don't think breakfast foods, my morning meals are usually, pan fried or bbq chicken wings, legs or breasts, bbq pork, steak, or some eggs. I keep breakfast simple and...

Aug 7th 2013
Tanner Hoplock replied to R B's question:

Did anybody try to eat more than 30gms of protein with their breakfast?

I usually have 50 -60 grams of protein every morning. I haven't tried eating less so I'm not sure if it has impacted my diet but my weight loss has kept fairly steady.

Aug 7th 2013

Same here, 3 meals per day lost 45lbs so far and I skip dinner 1 time per week.

Aug 6th 2013
Tanner Hoplock replied to Fabian Becker's question:

Have you managed to actually over eat?

I have eaten to the point of sickness a few times before which I don't do or intend to do anymore, I found now that I'm on my last 10lbs I can't go to crazy on cheat days anymore but at the beginn...

Aug 4th 2013
Tanner Hoplock replied to Adam Wood's question:

Green tea question

Try getting an all natural green tea, the powders or dried leaves are the best.

Aug 2nd 2013
Tanner Hoplock replied to R B's question:

Did anybody lose weight eating more than 1-1/2 cups of legumes a day?

Everyone is different so give it a try and keep track of your results, you can always eat less if you notice your fat loss slow, I only eat half a cup per day I found if I eat anymore it slows my ...

Aug 1st 2013
Tanner Hoplock replied to Lloyd Sherman's question:

Sugar Alcohols

I remember my talking to my grandma a few years ago about dieting and what she said was "If it tastes good then spit it out" Well that's not exactly true so I have changed the saying to...

Jul 31st 2013
Tanner Hoplock replied to Brian Michael's question:

Getting Very Frustrated!!

You could try some Intermittent fasting, I have been having a bit of a stall myself and it seems to be helping, Your diet looks pretty bang on especially if you cut out the questionable items. Kee...

Jul 31st 2013