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Stathis Theodoropoulos asked a question:

Starting 4HB Workout

Loved that I found you guys. I loved the book and reading your posts are great. I am in week one of the Occam’s Protocal. Few Questions for those with experience: Are there any workouts...

49 days ago
Joann Waclawek replied to MamaCooks's question:

South FL BMI testing?

Hi, we just opened up a DEXAFIT location in Boca Raton on 2499 Glades Rd. Ste. 201 on St. Andrews & Glades. We are NOW OPEN! Feel free to book online at or call 561 923 8833.

55 days ago
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74 days ago
Neil.Tier asked a question:

Gyming on Slow Carb Diet

Hey guys, I’ve been on and off the SCD for a few years now…I know what its about etc, last time I did the regime I lost about 10KG and went great, but then hit financial trouble so had...

74 days ago
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74 days ago
dangvantrung blogged:

7 Easy Dinners To Try This Week

Creamy, cheesy and comforting! Loaded with Ranch chicken, homemade alfredo sauce and bacon. Can be made ahead of time! Chicken Bacon Ranch Casserole - Creamy, cheesy and comforting! Loaded with ...

74 days ago
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74 days ago
Avi.Dzik asked a question:

peanuts in moderation?

are peanuts considered like other nuts and allowed in moderation? i figure it’s like peanut butter which is allowed in moderation? i just want to make sure.

74 days ago
Avi.Dzik asked a question:

stevia in lemon water

is it ok to use stevia? i sip lemon water throughout the day, adding in stevia for sweetness? is there a clear limit to the stevia allowed?

74 days ago
78 days ago
justin replied to Jessica Lugo's question:
79 days ago
Jessica Lugo asked a question:

Protein shakes?...

with unsweetened almond milk? recommendations for protein powder? is any of this allowed?

86 days ago
Tomhole replied to Bugzy Chorky's question:

Cholesterol has gone through the roof

I would be very concerned about the sudden jump. It might be a precursor to a heart attack. My cholesterol was always around 250 until I got fat and it went up to 290 over a few years. I found ...

88 days ago

This is a good suggestion. I had this test done and unfortunately, my LDL was not the fluffy type. It was all the dense LDL. Doc put me on stati...

88 days ago
May 20th 2016
Brian Blaszkowski replied to Marek.X's question:


Are you drinking enough water? Are you SURE youre getting enough protein within 30 minutes of waking up? Also, have you tried ice baths? Thise three things seem to be the most common issues ...

Apr 19th 2016

For those tracking weight loss, are you also tracking inches lost? I found i actually GAINED weight on this diet the first time around (2 years ago...

Apr 19th 2016
Apr 19th 2016
Brian Blaszkowski asked a question:

Odd sleep habits affecting 30-in-30

I looked through the forums for an answer to this, closest i got was that within 30 minutes of WAKING up (not GETTING up), 30 grams of protein. My problem is that i literally wake up every two, ...

Apr 19th 2016
Trina Moore shared a tip:

Do not order purple rhino

I have tried the purple rhino started taking them the night I received them. Nothing was different so I figured they would have to get them in my system. I continued to take them with no effects g...

Apr 16th 2016
Apr 14th 2016

Or they had success with it (as I do) and don't need to talk about it anymore because they can get on with their lives. I'm here cause I like answe...

Apr 13th 2016
Daniel Best replied to Melaina Phipps's question:
Apr 8th 2016