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Jessee Derringer asked a question:

Rate my Breakfast!

Take 1/4 chopped white onion, 1 small chopped sweet pepper, toss into pan with a bit of olive oil. Wait until it smells good, add 3 eggs. Let settle, scramle them bastards. Heat up 1/2 can of b...

16 days ago
Stathis Theodoropoulos asked a question:

Starting 4HB Workout

Loved that I found you guys. I loved the book and reading your posts are great. I am in week one of the Occam’s Protocal. Few Questions for those with experience: Are there any workouts...

80 days ago
Joann Waclawek replied to MamaCooks's question:

South FL BMI testing?

Hi, we just opened up a DEXAFIT location in Boca Raton on 2499 Glades Rd. Ste. 201 on St. Andrews & Glades. We are NOW OPEN! Feel free to book online at or call 561 923 8833.

86 days ago
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Jun 11th 2016
Neil.Tier asked a question:

Gyming on Slow Carb Diet

Hey guys, I’ve been on and off the SCD for a few years now…I know what its about etc, last time I did the regime I lost about 10KG and went great, but then hit financial trouble so had...

Jun 11th 2016
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Jun 11th 2016
dangvantrung blogged:

7 Easy Dinners To Try This Week

Creamy, cheesy and comforting! Loaded with Ranch chicken, homemade alfredo sauce and bacon. Can be made ahead of time! Chicken Bacon Ranch Casserole - Creamy, cheesy and comforting! Loaded with ...

Jun 11th 2016
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Jun 11th 2016
Avi.Dzik asked a question:

peanuts in moderation?

are peanuts considered like other nuts and allowed in moderation? i figure it’s like peanut butter which is allowed in moderation? i just want to make sure.

Jun 11th 2016
Avi.Dzik asked a question:

stevia in lemon water

is it ok to use stevia? i sip lemon water throughout the day, adding in stevia for sweetness? is there a clear limit to the stevia allowed?

Jun 11th 2016
Jun 7th 2016
justin replied to Jessica Lugo's question:
Jun 6th 2016
Jessica Lugo asked a question:

Protein shakes?...

with unsweetened almond milk? recommendations for protein powder? is any of this allowed?

May 30th 2016
Tomhole replied to Bugzy Chorky's question:

Cholesterol has gone through the roof

I would be very concerned about the sudden jump. It might be a precursor to a heart attack. My cholesterol was always around 250 until I got fat and it went up to 290 over a few years. I found ...

May 28th 2016

This is a good suggestion. I had this test done and unfortunately, my LDL was not the fluffy type. It was all the dense LDL. Doc put me on stati...

May 28th 2016
May 20th 2016