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Jason Rotramel commented on G G's reply:

Thank you , I'm ok with slow grind , the gym is already a ritual , and honestly I hate the scale anyways and would much rather be tracking my measu...

5 days ago
Jason Rotramel asked a question:

What time ???

when should i be logging weight ? night time daytime ? before or after meals ? same with measurements , what is the recomendation with salt and oil ? ive been following diet , 30/30 , cold showers...

6 days ago
Jason Rotramel asked a question:

Week 2 and barely loosing

what day and what time do you weigh & measure ? i havent lost my faith , i dont cheat , i eat my beans, 30/30 and 1gallon water daily i also work out at the gym 3 days a week full body exer...

6 days ago

My reading is that any processed soy products are out. Edamame would not be processed as it is the whole bean, so I think it is okay.

6 days ago
6 days ago
6 days ago
Jason Rotramel asked a question:

Week 1 results , gained 1 LB lost .5 inch on waist

ive been following diet recomendations to a T!! week one has got me down a little im 6’4” 189 pounds .(trying to drop 20lbs) i do the showers , the 30/30 and cheat on my fatterday i st...

7 days ago

Yogurt is a dairy so I think that would be a no even though the Greek variety is high in protein and lower sugar than non-Greek. Yogurt also is go...

8 days ago

Yes, please! Can I continue with my love of olives or do I have to regulate them to cheat days?

8 days ago

^It doesn't show up as impacting insulin, but aspartame is to be avoided. Stevia was the only one the book says you can use, if needed.

8 days ago

I had the same thought about tomatoes and peas. Peas are on the list of "pick one thing from each of these categories" and it doesn't sa...

8 days ago

How long did you stay with the plan and how did you do? I'm starting tomorrow and your starting measurements are the closest to mine.

8 days ago
Aku Meyers commented on G G's reply:

Thanks, unfortunately beans and nuts for breakfast don't sit well with me but the protein shake is working. I'm defnitely not skipping the fats b...

11 days ago
Aku Meyers asked a question:

Vegan Slow Carb Diet for average weight female

I’m at a healthy weight and fairly muscular/active. I’m also a fairly strict whole foods vegan, making exceptions only when I go out to eat. I just started the slow carb diet and for t...

13 days ago

Thanks Chase! That's just what I needed to hear! : )

16 days ago
Michael James shared a tip:

4 things you learn about long term weight loss

Found this from Facebook this morning. Number 3 was the most spot on for me.…

16 days ago
Michael James replied to Dor Schneider Cavalero's question:

PAGG. Urgent, heading back to my military base tomorrow. will have all of them. I’d also recommend getting some Yerba mate tea from Amazon. That seemed to be more helpful than the PAGG. Also, good luck Finding garlic that̵...

16 days ago
Michael James replied to Pooja CL's question:

Gaining weight not losing??

Currently in the same boat as you are. Started about the same time, and did have a few “cheat weeks” in 2014. And, have stalled out several times. Here are the two things that I...

17 days ago
Pooja CL commented on G G's reply:

Hi G G.. Protein sources are usually chicken, turkey, and fish.. only occasionally I supplement with a protein shake or bar (Quest) but it's rare t...

20 days ago
24 days ago
Sean Watts replied to Corrie R's question:

Question about fatty meats

I have not restricted any meats. I eat legs and thighs with the skin. Bisen, Ribeyes, and all kinds of pork. I am way more strict about carbs and sugars. The first 2 weeks I lost 9 pounds. Since, ...

24 days ago
Pooja CL asked a question:

Gaining weight not losing??

Hi, Apologies in advance for this bit of a long post… I’ve been doing 4HB since 2013 and had a lot of success with it. As of December 2014, I weighed 117 and my measurements were 3...

24 days ago
Mahogany Adeseko replied to Junhyuk Nam's question:

3weeks with SCD, very very awesome...

Your cheat days are too mank kcal. Cheat Days should be only 500-1000 calories abofe your calorie amount to maintain weight. Use calorie calculator to figure out how many calo...

29 days ago
Sean Watts replied to Christopher Nielsen's question:

Chicken instead of beans?

Beans are important. Find the kind of beans you like and try to get them in at leatst 3 times per week. I don’t weigh food or count calories. I have 2 to 3 eggs every morning. Sometimes boil...

30 days ago
Corrie R asked a question:

Question about fatty meats

I know the book has an aestrik next to chicken thighs. I have been eating chicken thighs for the last two days but should I be removing the skin? I bake the thighs on some parchment paper with s...

33 days ago
Patrick Conrey asked a question:

Honey Before Bed

I take a spoonfull of honey before bed because Honey has been proven to keep cortisol levels down. Cortisol is a stress hormone that tells your body to store fat because it is going into survival ...

35 days ago
Patrick Conrey replied to Dayna King's tip:

Happy Fatterday!

That a girl! Keep up the good work! What are you going to have for this coming cheat day? Since I missed your last one haha

35 days ago

Thank you kc Kelly! I have actually been doing a lot of strength training with free weights for the past year, and I thought maybe that's why I'm h...

35 days ago
KC Kelly replied to Katie Jester's question:

WOMEN: Are you seeing results? Give some tips on what you're doing!

3 years! Wow that’s impressive. You may be at a plateau so trying to add muscle will benefit you. Try kettlebell swings 3 or 4 times a week (this is covered pages 159-166 in 4 hour body). Wh...

35 days ago
John Leaños asked a question:

PAGG plus Cod oil, Vitamin D, etc

Has anyone tried to combine PAGG with the testosterone long-term supplement plan? Just wondering if this is working… it’s a lot of supplements espcially at night! Let me know if you ha...

37 days ago
Michael James replied to Christopher Nielsen's question:

Chicken instead of beans?

I have noticed a difference in fat burning when including beans versus just having other protein sources. Not sure if it’s just placebo effect, or some other factor. Anyhow, I try to incl...

39 days ago