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Michael James replied to Wil's question:

Will this breakfast plan work?

Try the nutribiotics rice protein. A lot less insulin spiking than whey proteins. if you want, you can supplement with eggs, but just the powder should be ok.

1 day ago
5 days ago

I looooove this post!! I miss my chips and got super excited reading about Pork Rinds!!! LOL

5 days ago
Tarik Abdallah asked a question:

Adun Toridas!

Hey, I joined this site literally only to say I’m glad to see another Protoss fan out there! En taro adun, I’m an absolute Starcraft fanatic, even though I have a lot of problems with ...

9 days ago
24 days ago
eroberts asked a question:

Turnips and carrots

So I’m 30 pounds down from when I started eating slow carb, and I’ve been maintaining my weight by basically following the rules. No refined sugar, bread, dairy, fruit, so on. I’...

24 days ago