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Soory, accidental, trying to remove.

19 days ago
Elizabeth Pressler asked a question:

Type 1 diabetes and SCD

well, i didnt mean to actially post but now i cant delete, so ill use this to ask: any other folks on here with type 1 diabetes? So far, I\'m liking SCD. it\'s not as amazing for m...

19 days ago
20 days ago
Rachael Brown asked a question:

Menstrarion and the diet

i am craving sugar and chocolate during my menstruation and want to know how others might be coping through with just starting the four hour body diet

31 days ago
Boris Hayete asked a question:

Stuck - help appreciated

I've been on 4hb (just the weight loss part) for about 4 weeks. During the first week I effortlessly lost 4-5 pounds. After that, I continued to improve my diet, to the point that I probably...

37 days ago
Angela Duran replied to Mary Ellen Maloney's question:

I currently weight 127 lbs and am 5'3 I would like to lose about 10lbs. Has anyone had a similar goal of only about 10lbs. How fast did it come off.

I am the same weight and height and I lost 12 pounds my first two , weeks . I workout 30 minutes everyday so I tried the plateau buster diet to shock my system from eating the same exact things an...

62 days ago
Jaideep Doshi replied to FaithLess's blog post:

Member intro: Let me introduce myself...

Hey Faithless, Could I check with you where in KL you got your DEXA scan done? Thanks in advance for your help! Jaideep

84 days ago
Shawn Chase replied to mizeriqua's question:

The Big Book of Excuses

Say that you're not down with poison - wheat and sugar - and that they can take their guilt trip elsewhere.

May 19th 2017
Natalie Candelario replied to never_ever's question:

Foods to avoid on Cheat Day?

In preparation for my first cheat day i. went. Crazy! I bought strawberries, bananas, a mango, wine, chocolate, fruity pebbles, ice cream, cookies, chips and pizza. I ate a normal slow carb b-fast...

May 9th 2017
Apr 25th 2017
Christopher Songer asked a question:

Slow carb diet.

I have been having a half of an organic lemon squeesed into warm water every morning for years .will this be a problem? I do this for proper PH , but now that I am eating 10 times the greens that...

Apr 25th 2017
Apr 8th 2017
Jay DeGraaf asked a question:

Three weeks in, very tired. Help with energy?

Hey all, I'm three weeks into 4HB and I'm significantly lower energy than I normally am. I cafinate like a champ, so I don't think stimulants will be my answer.rnrnRegiment:rn1. Turke...

Apr 6th 2017
danielle shafer. replied to David Dayan's question:

Any other vegans following the program?

I know this is a year later, but I am and have seen great results!

Mar 31st 2017
Mar 31st 2017