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Angela Duran replied to Mary Ellen Maloney's question:

I currently weight 127 lbs and am 5'3 I would like to lose about 10lbs. Has anyone had a similar goal of only about 10lbs. How fast did it come off.

I am the same weight and height and I lost 12 pounds my first two , weeks . I workout 30 minutes everyday so I tried the plateau buster diet to shock my system from eating the same exact things an...

7 days ago
Jaideep Doshi replied to FaithLess's blog post:

Member intro: Let me introduce myself...

Hey Faithless, Could I check with you where in KL you got your DEXA scan done? Thanks in advance for your help! Jaideep

29 days ago
Shawn Chase replied to mizeriqua's question:

The Big Book of Excuses

Say that you're not down with poison - wheat and sugar - and that they can take their guilt trip elsewhere.

36 days ago
Natalie Candelario replied to never_ever's question:

Foods to avoid on Cheat Day?

In preparation for my first cheat day i. went. Crazy! I bought strawberries, bananas, a mango, wine, chocolate, fruity pebbles, ice cream, cookies, chips and pizza. I ate a normal slow carb b-fast...

47 days ago
60 days ago
Christopher Songer asked a question:

Slow carb diet.

I have been having a half of an organic lemon squeesed into warm water every morning for years .will this be a problem? I do this for proper PH , but now that I am eating 10 times the greens that...

61 days ago
78 days ago
Jay DeGraaf asked a question:

Three weeks in, very tired. Help with energy?

Hey all, I'm three weeks into 4HB and I'm significantly lower energy than I normally am. I cafinate like a champ, so I don't think stimulants will be my answer.rnrnRegiment:rn1. Turke...

80 days ago
danielle shafer. replied to David Dayan's question:

Any other vegans following the program?

I know this is a year later, but I am and have seen great results!

86 days ago
justin replied to Sue Koppel's question:
Jan 4th 2017