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2 days ago

Yeah, I love that Ferriss takes that sort of approach. And thanks for the reminder about that example. I guess I'm just wondering if there are any ...

26 days ago
Lee Hulbert-Williams asked a question:

Any good guides for doing self experiments?

I’m a coaching psychologist specialising in helping people build better habits, and my students are often bringing me self-improvement books. That’s how I first came across the 4-hour ...

32 days ago
Muse Validator shared a tip:

Muse validation !

Hey guys! After reading the 4 hour serie, I came up with an extremely cheap product to validate your muse during the critical early phase. Go to to try it. And good luck with...

39 days ago

Also what's it the veggie sausages? Some kind of potato or wheat I'm sure. The most certain way to get it right is to not eat processed food

49 days ago
Feb 15th 2015

You can see here the cheat days, Saturday. and BF is roughly 28% Thanks for your...

Feb 4th 2015
Danny McMillan asked a question:

Help With Progress - (Food and Weight Diary inc)

Hey guys, I need a bit of help optimising my progress Here is a link to my food diary - Please view from the 3rd Jan 2014 Click on view dia...

Jan 31st 2015
Lisa Lord asked a question:

garcinia cambogia really work details review

Garcinia cambogia extract (GCE) comes from a tropical fruit grown in India asia Holy Grail of Weight Loss detailed review link source

Jan 19th 2015
Lisa Lord replied to Carlos Song's question:

Here's what to eat to lose weight. To BMI 22.

Eat natural food and do excerise and take natural pills here are details can use slimfy or phen375

Dec 2nd 2014
Lisa Lord blogged:

Why People Are Using Phen375 Weight Loss Pills

The manufacturers of Phen375 announce that you’re capable of drop around 5 lbs of body fat per week simply by utilizing the tablet which does sound awesome. It is essential nevertheless to value...

Dec 2nd 2014
Lisa Lord replied to Mindy Parmett Fiddler's question:

Weight fluctuations very frustrating

good form your opinion but today very popular medicine like garcinia cambogia is very effective for weight reduce without any problem get fit and slim with best look

Nov 22nd 2014