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Claire Smith asked a question:

unwell :-(

Feel like crap, very achey and cold. No energy And sore throat…sorry for moaning! So is a good idea to keep up 4hb I feel like a need a pizza or something! What do y’all say peeps? Hap...

4 days ago
Vicky IsDead replied to OntheWagon's question:

PAGG timing, SCD & Workouts, and Gas - OH MY!

Hi OnTheWagon, You may have already figured this out by now as it’s a year later but read this… i cook mine like this and ...

5 days ago
Claire Smith asked a question:

Mini Cheat OR NOT?

So today I am feeling a bit under the weather…I am nearly 2 wks into my 4hb regime. I had a mini cheat and ate some Halloumi cheese, when I looked at tHe nutrients it is rather low fat, low ...

6 days ago
Claire Smith replied to Mike Baker's question:


I have taken charcoal tablets to help with the windy pops ;-)

8 days ago
Claire Smith asked a question:

Calories...cant get enough in me!

I am a vegetarian, but I eat tuna and salmon. I really struggle GettIng over 1500 calories in a day because I feel so full! Any tips guys? Otherwise I am loving the 4hb so far. I am not weighing...

8 days ago
Jim Scotson replied to Jessica S's question:

Diabetics and SCD

My mum is a diabetic, I put her on a paleo diet (more fruit, less beans). 8 months later she is no longer taking insulin or metformin so I don’t see why the SCD shouldn’t work even bet...

27 days ago
Jim Scotson replied to Eva Lotte's question:

Doc says I can't have cheatday anymore, I seem to be developing diabetes

High triglyceride levels are not caused by eating fat, they are caused by eating too much sugar. What was your HbA1c result? I realise that this was posted a long time ago but I’m only just ...

34 days ago
Jim Scotson replied to David Hard's question:

I'm burning way more than I'm consuming and yet I'm barely losing any weight

These guys are right, you’re not eating enough and by the looks of it you aren’t eating a lot of fat at all! I’d pad your meals out with some coconut oil and add your yolks in fo...

34 days ago
Jim Scotson replied to ankur's question:

Losing weight but not fat percentage

Hello, In my experience impedence is NOT very accurate. I collected quite a few different gadgets for measuring BF% and none of them agree with each other. I had my BF% measured using the bodp...

34 days ago
Jim Scotson replied to Constantin's question:

When to add weight lifting to my plan

Hi Constantin, I would suggest doing a free-weight strength based workout something like ‘Stronglifts 5x5’ ( a couple of months of this and you’re s...

34 days ago
Jim Scotson replied to Raymond Holmes's question:

What do people do for maintenance?

Hello, I haven’t followed the SCD for 18months and am visiting today because I’m thinking of getting back on it. For the past few months I’ve been ‘carb backloading’...

34 days ago