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Kanika C Hughes asked a question:

the 4HB diet worked like magic the 1st time, why isn't it working this time?!

I lost all my post pregnancy weight through the 4HB diet and went from flabby to fabulous in a few weeks. Stayed on it for over a year. I then experimented with veganism and gave up the diet. I...

Jan 24th 2016

I can't stress this enough, overdo it with the self indulgence while you go through this process. Those who don't, are too distracted by cravings ...

Apr 27th 2012

I used to be a smoker but I used the Alan Carr method to give up and I haven't looked back since. His method has been successful for 1000s of peop...

Apr 27th 2012

I commend you for your attempt and I'm rooting for you pal. Just hang in there!

Mar 28th 2012
Ahmed Arabi asked a question:

Anyone worried about gout?

Good day, I found out that due to the high protein intake required by the 4HB it may lead to gout. I would like to know your thoughts on this and whether or not you are taking extra precautions to...

Mar 27th 2012

I would say it the first 3 days would be hardest but it gets easier after the fourth

Mar 27th 2012
Ahmed Arabi replied to RGBVoodoo's blog post:

Quitting Smoking

I have been off the ciggs for 6 months now and I consider it to be one of my greatest achievements. Unless you yourself are a smoker, you can't even begin to understand how hard it is to quit. I b...

Mar 27th 2012
Ahmed Arabi asked a question:

Can I do my cardio workouts with SCD?

I'm currently on the SCD and I have recently applied for a gym membership and I would like to incorporate a 5 day cardie workout. I'm wondering if this is ok or could there be any adverse effects....

Mar 26th 2012
ultimatekhan blogged:

Hi, I'm ultimatekhan

On a journey Done 4hb last year for 3 months, lost 14 kg, then caught into the comfort zone ever since.... finding it a little challenging getting back on 4hb.

Feb 25th 2012
Ahmed Arabi asked a question:

Is there an easy way to prepare Yerba Mate tea?

I just bought myself a bag of Yerba Mate tea and it came with no instructions whatsoever on how to prepare it. So I went to my old friend Google and found out that you needed to use certain specia...

Feb 14th 2012

Thanks for the war welcome Sam!

Jan 19th 2012
Jan 19th 2012

Just to clarify.. It doesn't matter how much protein I consume, right? As long as I hit the minimum of 30gm in the morning and 20gm for my other 2...

Jan 19th 2012

Thanks a lot to the both of you for the reply. Helps a lot, thanks.

Jan 19th 2012
Ahmed Arabi asked a question:

Should I watch how much SCD food I eat?

I was wondering if I need to measure how much calories I need to eat for each meal or can I just eat as much as I want? I'm only talking about the Slow Carb Diet food mention in the 4 Hour Body. I...

Jan 18th 2012
Ahmed Arabi asked a question:

How many cups of coffee can I have?

How many cups of coffee can I have each day? I'm talking about a cup of coffee with 2 TB cream or 1 TP of cinnamon. My job is a real bore and I really need my cup of joe.

Jan 18th 2012
Ahmed Arabi blogged:

Hi, I'm MheadArabi

I'm a regular young adult on a quest for a healthier lifestyle. Just gave up smoking and now I'm looking to lose weight. I have been trying the 4 hour body but haven't weighed my self prior to sta...

Jan 18th 2012
lloydsher blogged:

newbie on 4HB

newbie on 4HB

Dec 5th 2011
robster23 blogged:

Hi, I'm robster23

I'd like to welcome you to my page. What you are about to witness are just my thoughts and experiences. If you've ever felt like this vibe with me.

Dec 5th 2011
sasj blogged:

SCD Beginner!

Just starting out on the diet next week!

Dec 5th 2011
Cal560 replied to LauraCox's question:

TIP: Avoid whey protein when burning fat!

Hi Laura I read your posts with interest. I have been on the SCD for 5 weeks and I just can not stomach breakfast. This week I have introduced "Bluebonnet 100% All Natural Whey Protein Isolat...

Oct 5th 2011
kenrocks blogged:

Member intro: Wow there's even a community?!

Just discovered 4HB and have begun with the new diet this week. Most painful for me to lose is going to be cereal and milk I would say. Currently 187lb and aiming for 175lb ideal weight. Glad t...

Sep 29th 2011
Cal560 commented on Iaggu's reply:

I am doing the SCD and if I eat one more egg I think I will die. I am a vegetarian and do not like eating breakfast anyway, so this has been hard ...

Sep 28th 2011
AdamNash blogged:

Member intro: Trying in Dubai

I decided to give the diet a go as its not very different from how I eat anyway... Lets see what happens..

Sep 27th 2011

Nice idea on the 'muffins' I will try to make tonight. My body said NO to scrambled eggs AGAIN this morning, I was nearly sick. But I am limited b...

Sep 25th 2011
Cal560 replied to 4hpam's question:

WOW! Cauliflower Pizza Crust !! Yum!

I can't wait to try this, you should add your recipe to this new book

Sep 18th 2011
Cal560 replied to Jayce's question:

Slow Carb Cookbook

What a fantastic idea. I am an ovo-lacto vegetarian and have developed one week menu, that I repeat each week. I will send my meals to your email, hope it helps other veggies who don't think they ...

Sep 18th 2011
Sep 18th 2011
Cal560 commented on loretta's reply:

thanks for the welcome. I am following this strictly but I have started getting leg cramps during the night. Have you experienced this? I am takin...

Sep 15th 2011
Cal560 commented on paulshack's reply:

thanks Paul.

Sep 15th 2011
Cal560 commented on elitesrule's reply:

Hi, I am on week 3 of the SCD and I am getting painful leg cramps during the night. I am taking the PAGG supplements and Potassium, Magnesium, Cal...

Sep 15th 2011
Cal560 commented on justin's reply:

thanks. I am buying each AGG item seperately from Mirdiff Mall Holland and Barratt at the moment. Policosanol from Dubai Mall but it's very expens...

Sep 11th 2011
Cal560 blogged:

Member intro: 15kgs to loose.

I live in the Middle East with my husband and two children. I am 15kgs over weight and am trying to loose it all before i take a four day horse ride through Jordan in early November. I have follow...

Sep 11th 2011
Cal560 asked a question:

Pagg stack Dubai?

Hi can anyone recommend where to buy all of the supplements in Dubai? I can't find the pagg stack and I am buying separately. Supercissus I cant find anywhere. Help is welcome!

Sep 11th 2011
oskar andermo asked a question:

Man bobs...

So been following the diet for a few weeks and doing Kettle bell swings twice a week. Result is great and I keep loosing weight. I have lost in my face and in my belly. It seems however that my ...

Aug 23rd 2011
oskar andermo asked a question:

Diet for how long?

Is this a diet for life? Once you reached your ideal weight do you change anything? For example, my wife is Japanese and loves her rice. Would it be ok to add some rice after she has reached her...

Aug 12th 2011