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Dvir Oren asked a question:

21yo gaining fat on 2500 cal/day - Advice

Hi! I’m a 21 year old entrepreneur from bangkok. I sit all day on my ass and occasionally do kettlebells and pull ups. I weight 75kg and am 6’3 or 190 cm tall, pretty skinny. I goo...

Apr 11th 2015
o556 asked a question:

Side effects of sucralose

hi everyone! After my experiment with sucralose, I feel ive got to inform somebody about results. So Yesterday I bought "FITNE" Brand sucralose sweetener. I live in thailand, and FITNE ...

Aug 9th 2013

Im male and my height is 178 cm and weight is 72 kg. Right now when i started SCD, im eating 3 times a day: plateful of black, kidney, mung or whi...

Jul 16th 2013
Pitong Wutte asked a question:

Safe and intense cardio workout plan (MED)?

Hello everybody! My name is O and I am from finland. my question is: what kind of intense cardio workout plan/program I can safely follow, with steady and maximised results. Im on Slow carb di...

Jul 15th 2013
Arthur Birago asked a question:

Getting back after several months off diet

I had been on slow carb for 4 months about a year ago and bulked up a lot at the shoulders, ate additional protein and exercised every 4 days. Results were stunning. Because of several reasons mos...

Aug 29th 2012
Boxman commented on Tomhole's reply:

Yes I have. I have 2 signed copies one of which is full of highlights notes and about to fall apart from use. I left the book in America however...

Aug 19th 2012
Boxman asked a question:

Intermittent Fasting, Swimming, & Beer?

Hey everyone, I'm currently living in Korea and my options for healthy food options are a bit limited because of the area that I live in and my schedule. However I still want to achieve 16-18% bo...

Aug 19th 2012
staceyjamie replied to FitSA80's question:

Noisy Stomach!

I had a friend who followed a macrobiotic diet and he was very adamant that drinking fluids whilst eating hindered your digestions! I'm not sure how true that is as I always have drinks with food....

Dec 5th 2011
staceyjamie asked a question:

How to follow the SCD in asia ?

I've currently living in Asia and have been on and off for the last 2 years. Although I lost a little weight when I arrived, I gained it all back and then some. The problem is the main staple is r...

Dec 5th 2011
staceyjamie asked a question:

recommendations for SCD breakfasts in asia

I dont have a kitchen as I live in a hotel, and am really struggling with putting together a scd breakfast...ok...lunch and dinner too, lol. However breakfast is the hardest as if you dont start y...

Dec 5th 2011
staceyjamie replied to Arelleth's blog post:

Before and After - Week 4

I've just joined this forum and yours is the first before and after I've looked at. All I can say is congrats, well done and you've really inspired me. My figure is not to dissimilar to your befor...

Dec 5th 2011
Sep 14th 2011
Boxman asked a question:

Intermittent Fasting & Muscle

After alot of success with Occam's Protocol (+20 pounds with -3% bodyfat in 5 weeks). I took a break from the slow-carb diet and the gym for a few months because of travel. Currently I'm in Tha...

Sep 13th 2011
jezrtw commented on loretta's reply:

Thanks for the suggestion kath - seems the nutrition value is very close to Lindt 99%: fat 12g - carbs 2g (mostly fiber) for an equivalent size se...

Aug 22nd 2011
jezrtw commented on yarnphreak's reply:

As a matter of fact, I have been eating the 99% (Lindt) for a few days and I DEFINITELY enjoy it. Of course, it is an acquired taste and the Lindt...

Aug 22nd 2011
jezrtw commented on JJJ's reply:

The 99% definitely did not feel waxy for me (ie there is not much in it to make it feel waxy) so maybe you can give it a try! I agree with your po...

Aug 22nd 2011
jezrtw asked a question:

Chocolate: 99% w/ Sugar or 100% w/ Soy Lecithin

Maybe I should not... But I am determined to find a solution that allows me to eat chocolate on the SCD... So far I've narrowed it down to Lindt 99% - which contains a bit of brown sugar: http:...

Aug 20th 2011
jezrtw blogged:

Just starting...

After losing 22lbs in a Tibet trek (no special diet except very limited), I decided to finally implement the SCD... I have quite a few questions - mostly to do around my sweet tooth, so this commu...

Aug 20th 2011
teaton blogged:

7 Weeks into slow carb

Lost over 5kg. Found the diet really easy to follow, my meals are as follows: Breakfast - bacon, eggs and baby spinach Lunch - Burrito Bowl Dinner - Black peppered pork chop with broccoli Late n...

Jul 21st 2011
happymartin asked a question:

SCD + PAGG, IF + Half Marathon but SAME WEIGHT!

Wow I'm really confused about my lack of results so far. I know a lot of people believe they've followed SCD to the letter but I've read, re-read the chapters and have been researching on this (a...

Jul 21st 2011
happymartin asked a question:

Polyphasic Sleep and Slow Carb Diet

The first time I tried uberman was also the day I began the SCD and I felt amazing for weeks. After my son was born though my diet slipped and I'm only now returning to it. I have the hardback b...

Jun 30th 2011
happymartin asked a question:

Why 30g of Protein for Breakfast?

I'm sticking very strictly to the SCD but am curious to know why Ferris sees getting 30g of protein in the morning as so important. In his recorded talks he goes so far as to say it’s the one s...

Jun 30th 2011
happymartin replied to rhy's question:

I'm already getting tired of eating beans...

I made a big VAT of a bean stew last Sunday which includes lots of vegetables and assorted beans. I keep it in the fridge and use it either to accompany my meal or as an appetizer. To mix things...

Jun 30th 2011
Jun 30th 2011
happymartin replied to aerolex's question:

Breakfast Options for Non-Cooks

Scrambled eggs are easy, Beat 3-4 egss in a microwave-safe bowl, microwave 1 minute stir thoroughly microwave again stir again and perhaps add some chopped veg / avocado / salsa / beans microwav...

Jun 29th 2011
happymartin replied to businesspoo91's question:

Dreaming during uberman sleep

This sounds to me like you're maybe taking too long with your naps. Your nap time should finish whilst you are in REM sleep. If this happens you'll wake up with a clear memory of your dream. Ge...

Jun 26th 2011
happymartin replied to teainthepark's question:

Tips to help fall asleep?

It used to take me at least an hour to sleep normally and it used to really frustrate me that my wife could sleep within second of her head hitting the pillow. I've been polyphasic for 6 months n...

Jun 26th 2011
happymartin commented on Ruby's reply:

Jamie - What's the book?

Jun 26th 2011
happymartin replied to Garth Fader's question:

Where to buy PAGG?

I used 'GREENTEA25' was the best discount coupon I could find if you choose to order from That gives you 25% off the Green Tea Tablets there. I bought my PAGG in combined forms...

Jun 24th 2011