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Thank you for the input. I cut out the whey protein. I think you are right, too much protein, too many calories. I've always successfully low-carbe...

Dec 10th 2014
Dec 10th 2014
Brittany Lavery asked a question:


I’ve always turned to low carb diets to lose weight, and it’s always been successful. I’ve been doing kettle bells, and all other recommended exercises for about two weeks, but d...

Dec 4th 2014
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Jul 27th 2011
achelous asked a question:

Member intro: losing the last 10?

I am trying to lose the "last" 10 lbs, possibly without using supplements other than PAGG, can anyone help me with that? i dropped 2lbs of fat in the 1st two weeks last month, then gaine...

Jul 27th 2011
May 6th 2011
Randomlymoving replied to tres's question:

Athletic Greens

Try Amazing Grass Green Superfood.

May 4th 2011