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Rebekah Olsen asked a question:

Occum's Protocol for fat loss?

Hey Tom, You seem to be a very knowledgable resource on this forum. I have a few questions about fat loss on 4 hour body. I’ve done the diet program before with great results. I find it ha...

Jun 8th 2014

Ok, I switched to Paleo now, just removed beans and introduced mostly low sugar fruit. I keep on maintaining. I tried My fitnes pal and I am within...

Apr 28th 2014
Apr 15th 2014
Vasja Petkovska replied to Andrea McElaney's question:

Variance in Weight Loss

Lady Time is the worst period to measure ever. :) 5 days before or even 10 days before that, do not measure yourself, you will se incorrect numbers. Trust me. And a day after is the first ok day t...

Apr 13th 2014

Oh I dont consider myself lean Tomhole, I am 66kg and 30% Body Fat ...I dont excercise regularly but its very obvious I need to start. I am plannin...

Apr 13th 2014

@Andrea McElaney I just had a quick look at the video, I have never heard about this, but it makes sense...I am at exactly 23 BMI @Tomhole Most o...

Apr 12th 2014

Wow that is awesome!! You are encouraging me very much! I am the same, 1 year on SCD and I had fruit only twice! :) And yes since its been a year, ...

Apr 11th 2014
Vasja Petkovska asked a question:

From SCD to Paleo

I have been on the SCD for a year now. I am thinking about making a change and moving to Paleo which from what I have read - will basically mean add fruit and remove beans to make the transfer. I ...

Apr 11th 2014