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pierfalcomer blogged:

Member intro: Looking to lose it fast!

35 year old Italian guy, haven't exercised in awhile and love good food too much. Looking to get rid of all my old large clothes and slim down and get confident and happy again!

Dec 11th 2011
pierfalcomer was recruited into 4 Hour People by 4HourBod!

Give a warm welcome to pierfalcomer!

Dec 11th 2011
pierfalcomer is doing my tutorial!

Geek to Freak Routine at Home

For anyone who wants to do the Geek to Freak at home instead of joining a gym, here's a version of the exercises you can do with just 2 pairs of du...

Dec 11th 2011
nicole.mitch asked a question:

Meal Replacements

Is it possible to get a meal replacement (shake) for the protein diet??

Apr 8th 2011