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spike asked a question:

4HP FatBurner BF% Issues?

Hi, I noticed that the FatBurner module's body fat percentage numbers suddenly changed. Where it initially said that I was 18% body fat it now says 22%. I checked a few other sites with calculat...

May 28th 2011
May 20th 2011
spike asked a question:

Exercising the Shoulders in G2F

Hi, I am doing the G2F routine, but there are no shoulder specific exercises and none of the others look like they work them out either. Would it be an issue to add the shoulder press? OR do any...

May 19th 2011
spike commented on dpeterson's reply:

Is it only SCD or have you added anything else like the shake etc?

May 11th 2011
spike commented on s joshua's reply:

Thanks. That makes perfect sense. I should have been clearer when I said build muscle. I am not looking to bulk, I am more concerned that I'm losin...

May 11th 2011
spike commented on supersqu's question:

yes, please fix mine as well, I'm 2011 years old as well.

May 11th 2011
spike asked a question:

I want to burn fat and build muscle, some advice pl

Hi, I have been on the slow carb diet for a couple of months now and all in all have lost approximately 18lb and gone from ~23% body fat to about ~18%. So in fact I do have a fair amount of body ...

May 11th 2011
spike commented on LauraCox's reply:

Laura, When you did this, what sort of bf% were to start with? Also, did you have the protein shake everyday or just on workout days?

Apr 27th 2011
spike commented on pshannon's reply:

Just to add to what pshannon said, they are the only source that can give you Selenium in high enough concentrations. If you google foods high in S...

Apr 27th 2011
spike commented on forest parks's reply:

The issue here is getting at least 30g of protein. If I remember correctly, the egg white of a single large egg only gives you 4g of protein. So ba...

Apr 20th 2011
spike asked a question:

Substituting Peanut Butter for Almond Butter in the Protein

Is it okay to replace the Almond Butter in the protein shake Tim mentions in the book with Peanut Butter instead?

Apr 4th 2011