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Robina Babirye asked a question:

abortion womens clinic in randburg

0736613276 ABORTION / TERMINATION OF PREGNANCY We conduct abortion on demand up to the 30 week (6-7 months) of pregnancy. Abortion is a process of ending a pregnancy. If pregnancy is confirmed and...

5 days ago
Leigh Penzhorn asked a question:

Excercising after breakfast?

Hi everyone I normally excercise in the morning before work but then eat at work. If I have 30g of protein within 30 mins of waking up there is no way I can go to gym afterwards as my food gener...

Oct 7th 2014
Leigh Penzhorn replied to Marina.Weible's question:

No results?

I am no expert but from what I understood from the book it looks like you are doing far too much excercise esp the cardio bit.

Oct 7th 2014
Leigh Penzhorn asked a question:

Please urgently help...cheat day problems!!

Hi So today is my first cheat day. Had two eggs, beans and sausgae for breakfast with AGG. Then had some grapefruit juice with coffee. Had more grapefruit juice and agg just before my binge whic...

Aug 30th 2014

Thanks for your reply! Are there any particular protein shakes you recommend? Alot of them have sugar and additives. And do you just have it with w...

Aug 29th 2014
Aug 26th 2014
Leigh Penzhorn commented on G G's reply:

Thanks so much for all your input. Only on two day two hahahaha! But I literally cannot function I feel so hungry. I cannot eat alot, it's somethin...

Aug 26th 2014
Leigh Penzhorn asked a question:

Struggling with food?

hi everyone I am battling with food and timing. Normally I would only eat breakfast at 9/930 and have lunch at 1:1:30 and then a snack around 4. Now that I have to eat within half an hour of w...

Aug 26th 2014
Leigh Penzhorn replied to squishysquid's question:

How much exercise for a female?

Hello, did you ever get an answer about this? I also just posted something similar. I find the chapters about excercise very confusing and contradictory!

Aug 25th 2014
Leigh Penzhorn asked a question:

Meal and excercise for women?

Hi guys So excited to have found this! I am a little confused about the excercise part of the book. I am doing the PAGG, got everything yesterday. Have had three eggs, beans and spinach for ...

Aug 25th 2014