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HuiTzy Lau asked a question:

slow-carb for skinny female?

Hey guys, First post! I’ve a question regarding slow-carb diet. I’m Asian Chinese based in Singapore, female, 29 yrs old, weight 51KG, height 1.63m (according to BMI, I’m und...

Jan 30th 2015
Moon Wong replied to sunnymatilda's question:

Any tips for staying on track whilst on U.K. vacation?

Well, Sainsbury's and the Cooperative does sell not-very-expensive washed salads in packs, which are def more economical than the ones packed in bowls (not a good choice since usually they come wi...

Jul 24th 2013

Hi I normally make different dishes around: Lettuce, EggsChicken breasts, Steak, cauliflower,lentils,other vegetables. I realised that i wasn't ...

Jul 12th 2013
Siegfrid Tsang asked a question:

No fat loss and irregular sleep

Hi people, Tomorrow is my 5th day into the diet, and feeling feeling a light headache for 1-2days or sthg, i just grabed a handful of cereals. I also have not been eating regularly due to my dif...

Jul 11th 2013
moonhme commented on moonhme's question:

Also wanna add that I drink a rain of water everyday. I make sure at least 8 litres. But I don't do strenuous exercise. Just some pushups to failu...

Jul 4th 2013
moonhme asked a question:

Is possible to gain muscle with no decrease in body fat?

I have hit a deadlock here. I measured my stats and basically saw a 2lbs gain in muscle, no issue here since I gained an extra 2lbs in correlation with that in weight (which I think part of it i...

Jul 4th 2013
Soya Lin commented on G G's reply:

i would like to have a insanity workout download in my country...Singapore does any one out there knows how??

Jun 14th 2013
moonhme replied to Alexander's tip:

Thoughts after 36 hour IF

Well, if you read the book "Eat-Stop-Eat" which literally is an IF research book on its own, you'll get to see an illustrated exponential graph on IF from start to finish, which based on...

May 27th 2013
moonhme replied to Marijn Somers's question:

having guilt feelings when I don't eat chocolat

Well, think about it this way: Which do you think is better? 1. Feeling guilty/sad not eating them? (the chocolates) 2. Eat and feeling guilty after? And I guess everyone has got cravings at r...

May 22nd 2013
Moon Wong replied to Nunes Guilherme's question:

NEED Fatloss HELP!Probably one of the hardest cases here

The Slow Carb Diet was never meant to be a diet for us to be counting calories. Sure in this forum some have also recommended that it works for them only when they watch the size of their portions...

May 5th 2013
Chew Hui Ling replied to Stephen Shores's question:

How do I learn to love spinach?

I think stir-frying may help to solve this problem Here are some recipes that I find myself repeating cos I feel that they're generally hard to screw up and I rather enjoy the taste. I also find t...

Mar 29th 2013
Chew Hui Ling replied to Thomas Redstone's question:

How badly is the odd cheat going to hurt?

For such questions, we can only help provide guidelines, the real impact on you will be dependent on your own experimentation and investigation. So you're the only one who can find the answer to y...

Mar 25th 2013
Chew Hui Ling replied to locarb4health's question:

Women and the 4 Hour Body

I am actually about average, 112 pounds on a 5''3" frame, looking to lose stubborn fats in areas that just won't go away. Like Tim, I'm really not much of a cook so I bought loads of frozen v...

Mar 25th 2013
Moon Wong replied to rawrick's blog post:

Girl that worked HARD

Wow! You're gorgeous! I love your body! You deserve all the compliments today for all the hard work you've put in! AMMMAAAZZZINNNGGG!

Jan 28th 2013
Moon Wong replied to Dylan Tomlinson's question:

Foods that we're not supposed to eat that you eat anyway without hurting your diet...

Seafood. Mainly crabs for me. Crabs steamed in egg sauce or salted. I'm sure they contain some sugar in it though, or sometimes I'll have squid/calamari. Don't think they are really allowed since ...

Jan 15th 2013
Moon Wong replied to Senshin's tip:

Cottage Pie Recipe- super yummy!

Shit! This is real good! I love it! I'm gonna modify it and make myself a yummy chicken cottage pie instead! Keep it coming! Everyone loves a good pie!

Jan 13th 2013

Apologize for the long post and many comments. Can't do it without writing in all the details for everyone. Have fun!

Jan 5th 2013

For the others who are below 22% body fat, I'm sure your body response does allow at least 1 of the ingredients listed in Type 1-5 and even therea...

Jan 5th 2013