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Sibilly commented on Sibilly's question:

I drink coffee once a day, plain, with a splash of cinnamon and some black tea, also no sugar/milk added.

May 23rd 2016
Sibilly asked a question:

Breakfast time, protein intake, PAGG...

Hello! I’m new in the SCD, and I am loving it, aside the chocolate crawings (which I am fighting fearlessly for now). It’s been a week now and I havent recorded any progres in losing w...

May 23rd 2016
May 23rd 2016
Brian Finch asked a question:


Although many of us don’t acquire a lot of messages concerning Geniux, people that came inside referfing to negative effects were few in number using small things including dry out mouth for you...

Jan 25th 2016

Thank you

Jul 19th 2013
Oleg Grumic asked a question:

Is it OK to have 4 meals durring the day on SCD?

Hi all, After reading book I decided first to take SCD, to go from 100 kg to 88 kg (I am 188 cm tall), and then to rebuild my muscle. ( I am former athleet, stil activ playing 2-3 times per week s...

Jul 18th 2013