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Dec 31st 2012

Tony that was so helpful thank you so much, i feel blessed and safe here surrounded by awesome people like yourself supporting and helping out, th...

Dec 27th 2012

@Acuguru, thanx so much @Minnesota thanx again and again, you're the best

Dec 27th 2012
beautiful jolie replied to Claudia Letonja's question:

Tried it for a day...heartbroken, gained weight!

Hey buddy, nope one day isn't enough, i've been at it for 2 weeks now with no apparent results but i haven't given up. This diet is supposed to be slow, there's no chance of seening results afte...

Dec 27th 2012

Thanx DSheehan

Dec 27th 2012

Hey Jones, thanx for pitching in, the thing is, his four rules i get, coz they were specific and clear, but what i'm struggling with is portions, ...

Dec 27th 2012

This has been really helpful thanx and i hope you reach the point of zero suffering from that disease

Dec 27th 2012
beautiful jolie asked a question:

newbie help desperately needed :(

Hi all, i've got tim's book, "the 4-hour body" and i read the first few chapters trying to understand what it's all about but i just couldnt The guy goes on and on about some irrelev...

Dec 27th 2012
Apr 21st 2012
Misa.k replied to a_different_way's tip:

Mmmmm... lettuce burgers!

Are readymade/store-bought burgers (beef or chicken) without the bun i mean, ok? thanks.

Apr 21st 2012
Misa.k commented on Jake's reply:

thank you jake

Apr 21st 2012
Misa.k commented on mmg2681's reply:

thanks for the encouragement! will do. and good luck to you as well!

Apr 21st 2012
Apr 21st 2012
Apr 21st 2012
Misa.k blogged:

Member intro: 4HB newbie :)

Hi, I'm Misa. I just started the SCD last week. I'm on my second day of the second week. so far I like it. my goal is to lose about 15-20 pounds or preferably 2-3 dress sizes.

Apr 16th 2012
Apr 15th 2012
msmagoogle commented on TeaLove's reply:

Hi Tealove sorry its taken me so long to reply but a busy week and just logged on now for the first time.Thanks for accepting me!

Oct 7th 2011
Oct 7th 2011
Arab blogged:

Hi There I have just started!!

I have just started SCD.

Oct 1st 2011
msmagoogle blogged:
Sep 30th 2011