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Ynna Domm commented on Mike C's reply:

Really? Thank you, i will try to get them out of the diet

Jul 19th 2014

Thank you so much! I will try to use them in moderation, not too much and just some times :)

Jul 9th 2014
Ynna Domm asked a question:

Dinner for tonight

Hey guys, i cooked something today and i was wondering if it is 100% 4 hour body : I roasted some onion, added eggplant and after a while a medium tomato and some chicken and cooked everything i...

Jul 9th 2014
Bogdan Ioan replied to Rodrigo Jardim's question:

Very bad and dangerous results with SCD - beware of what your body needs

i think the hodge twins said this, they are in no way experts in nutrition and bodybuilding, but they say it like : it is impossible to lose fat and build muscle, it works for beginners but after ...

Jan 30th 2014
Bogdan Ioan asked a question:

Pumpkin Seeds on slow-carb diet

Hello, From what i can read pumpkin seeds are allowed but what is a reasonable ammount ? Also let's say 100g of seeds with or without the shell ? Thanks in advance.

Sep 23rd 2013
Bogdan Ioan commented on shane's reply:

doesn't the book say:" eat as much as you like of the following" ? meat and bla bla bla ?

Aug 12th 2013

Well, in the book it says eat as much as you like of the following: meat bla bla legumes and vegetables. As much as you like for me means eat unti...

Jul 26th 2013

I don't eat beans at all, only lentils. As for exercise i try to train 3 times a week(i practice kickboxing). Some weeks i don't exercise at all u...

Jul 26th 2013
Bogdan Ioan asked a question:

Reasonable Expectations.

Hello all, What are some reasonable weight loss expectations. I'm at 1.90 m(6.23 feet) and after my first week i was at 106.1(233 pounds) cheat day morning. Today, 4 days after cheat day i'm at a...

Jul 25th 2013
Jul 2nd 2013
Bogdan Ioan asked a question:

Vegetables at every meal ?

I started eating lentils with my every meal but i sometimes skip on the vegetables. Is there any esential vegetable i should eat at every meal ? I kinda dislike frozen spinach/brocoli/cauliflower ...

Jun 24th 2013

What exactly does eat in moderation mean ? I eat like 2 medium tomatoes a day.

Jun 17th 2013
Bogdan Ioan asked a question:

Are legumes a must ?

What if i eat the following: meal 1 - 3 eggs fried in sunflower oil(like 20 grams), 1 medium tomato, eggplant( i cook it in the oven for like 1 hour then mash it with some onions and oil) meal 2 -...

Jun 17th 2013
Ynna Domm asked a question:

A little help?

So I've gone from the SCD to the Last Mile and now, for almost 2 weeks I started combining the Last mile with IF, but everything I lost during the week was gone during the cheat day and I can't ta...

Dec 2nd 2012
Ynna Domm replied to Mags's question:

Trial Fat Fast starting tomorrow!

Hei, so how has it been with your fat fast? Have you gone longer then 3-4 days? And what other fats did you manage to eat except the nuts?

Dec 2nd 2012
Ynna Domm asked a question:

Can you help me a little?

So, I have a 160cm height and a 56kg weight, and I would want to get to 47kg, but can't seem to lose the last pounds. I got into the Last Mile and after a month I saw no results, although I was re...

Dec 1st 2012
Ynna Domm replied to LauraCox's question:

People who are stalling, please read!

If I am on a 20g daily carb intake( The Last mile which is mostly keto ), maybe fewer in some days, what should I do? Have a cheat day or carb load?

Dec 1st 2012
Ynna Domm asked a question:

Help - Last mile combined with Intermittent fasting

So, I've been on the Last mile for a while now but didn't see any results, although I was very strict with my program, I was in kinda of a plateau. After doing a little reading around here I decid...

Dec 1st 2012
Deeana N replied to ebacklund's question:

Looking for portable meals

I have some more difficult days when I need to travel all day and cannot stop to have a bite. so I usually make this life saving recipe I usually prepare it in th...

Nov 26th 2012
Ynna Domm asked a question:

Hey, a little help?

I read in one of your posts that for a while you went into ketosis, for 4 days and lost more weight. I was wondering, can you give me a example of meals you would eat to go into ketosis? For a day...

Nov 13th 2012
Ynna Domm asked a question:

Weider Premium Whey - shake

I've been looking around but I didn't really got a grip. It's a banana falvour and I was wondering, if I drink it in the morning, within the 30 minutes of waking, when would it be ok to have somet...

Nov 13th 2012
Nov 9th 2012
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