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Francisco Rebello de Andrade replied to Madelyn Boudreaux's question:

No results - need tips

What do you measure? did you only look at your weight or have you messured your wais, hip, legs and arms? you may be losing fat and adding muscle (possible reason for not having any weight drop)? ...

Feb 7th 2015
To Jo commented on 4HourBod's reply:

How about Bulgur?

Feb 5th 2014
To Jo commented on Tomhole's reply:

Cool! Thanks

Jan 12th 2014
To Jo asked a question:

Kettlebell swings. Before or after breakfast?

Hi Just got a kettlebell and i'm planning on starting doing kettlebel swings in the morning, but i don't know if i should be doing it before or after breakfast. In the book Tim states he was doing...

Jan 9th 2014
Andre Ramos commented on G G's reply:

Eva Lotte: Well that's actually an interesting observation. I'm adding beans or lentil on purpose. I'm still not sure what to think about them. A...

Dec 4th 2013
Andre Ramos commented on G G's reply:

G G: Acording to the packaging labels, I should be getting some 19g from the tuna and about 7g from each egg. Either way I added an extra egg just...

Dec 4th 2013
Andre Ramos commented on G G's reply:

Alright, so I made some fine tunning: Breakfast: 2 fried eggs 1 can of tuna So this should add up to: 12-14g plus 19g acording to the can infor...

Dec 2nd 2013
Andre Ramos asked a question:

Former vegetarian

Hi all, I have been off the wagon for sometime and I'm planning on going back. One change I'm making is that I started eating meat and fish again after several years of being a vegetarian. Mark ...

Nov 29th 2013
Paulo Lopes replied to R B's question:

Gained weight. I don't understand what is wrong.

I find if I am not loosing weight during a week time I go back to the basics and start from there. Am I drinking enough water 3 to 4 liters per day ( I do not count coffee or tea as part of the 4 ...

Sep 30th 2013

This is my 4th week with the diet, and I started with 143 lb and I'm down to 136. I'm 5'9, so I can say pretty happy with the results when it come...

Mar 25th 2013
Vasco Benigno asked a question:

Beans doubt

I've been reading a lot of different oppinions when it comes to the right amount of beans. Right now, I'm eating 150 g of lentils for Breakfast, and 100 g of beans for lunch and 100 g more for din...

Mar 25th 2013

Thanks for the help

Mar 17th 2013

Thanks for the reply. For a couple of days I was having headaches after lunch, and so, I looked into the calories just to see if the amount of foo...

Mar 17th 2013
Vasco Benigno asked a question:

A little help, please.

Hi. My measures are: 177 height, 64 kg weight, 18% body fat, that should give a BMR of 1700 Today I measured the calories of Breakfast and Lunch and I came with 800. At dinner, if I have 500calori...

Mar 13th 2013

Wooow, 5 days a week in the gym + 30-40 minutes of cardio each day?! I think I don't want a six pack anymore... lol

Oct 22nd 2012

are fruits allowed in a OP-oriented diet?

Oct 19th 2012
Guilherme Correa replied to Andrew Blacker's question:

Calories! Can you eat too little?

I would be starving if I had your lunch and dinner. I generally eat 1 cup of beans/lentils for breakfast, 1 cup for lunch and 1 cup for dinner. Plus vegetables (usually spinach and broccoli) and p...

Oct 16th 2012
Guilherme Correa replied to mattgorman's question:

Is my whey protein healthy?

I would say it is OK. It has just ONE gram of sugar. Even lentils, which I am pretty sure everybody here eats a lot, have around 4 grams of sugar per cup.

Oct 16th 2012

I agree. I lost 3.3 pounds in the first week eating 3 cups of beans per day, as well.

Oct 16th 2012
Oct 15th 2012
Guilherme Correa replied to Alyson Stinson Dopfer's question:

Coming up for my first real cheat day!

Just finished my cheat day. I'm feeling terrible, my belly is like exploding. Is this normal? Do you feel the same?

Oct 14th 2012

My cheat day will be on Sunday, but I started the diet on a Tuesday. This way, if I don't have my cheat day today (after 5 days on SCD), I'll need...

Oct 14th 2012

Thank you for answering. I am reading the book now, but I started reading just two days ago and want to begin with this diet ASAP.

Oct 10th 2012
Oct 10th 2012