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koloryczerni asked a question:

food intolerance

does Tim say anything about developing a food intolerance over time while eating mostly the same products? I think it is a serious problem even when we have a big range of veggies and fish and mea...

Jun 11th 2013

hm well, I was thinking about it but then again, I should be hungry right after meals not only 1 hour after if I ate to little. and even if it's b...

Jun 11th 2013
koloryczerni asked a question:

huge hunger after meals?

I don't know why but I feel a huge hunger after meals. That relates to meals that consist of beans (100g), veggies (100g) and a 100g of protein like salmon, chicken od a lean fish. I can eat such ...

Jun 10th 2013
Jun 10th 2013

that's a very small amount! do they still keep you full when there's so little of them?

May 26th 2013

Eva, how much legumes do you eat per day in grams?

May 25th 2013
koloryczerni commented on G G's reply:

and your weight doesn't go up? I'm asking because I would like to add some non-SCD foods when I reach my goal and I'm worried about the results.

May 23rd 2013
koloryczerni commented on G G's reply:

sorry to cut into your conversation but I don't know the whole story. did you lose weight on SC and add the foods mentioned above after or have yo...

May 22nd 2013

maybe measure yourself first and check if you're losing weight that way. 200g doesn't sound so bad. let me know how it works for you!

May 12th 2013
koloryczerni replied to Lucie S's question:

Curd, cottage cheese...and all that kind of stuff.

I hear your pain girl. Though I'm afraid it'll be hard to get help in that topic here, since most of people following SCD are American/from UK etc. and there curd isn't that popular as in our coun...

May 11th 2013
koloryczerni replied to martsmarts's question:

There is sugar in everything!

oh my god, that's terrifying... In Poland we don't have sugar in these foods!

May 10th 2013

thank you, I'll definitely check it out!

May 7th 2013
koloryczerni replied to Luis Mejia's question:

Caffeine and Cheat Day Water Weight

you're probably right in your assumptions though, a little bit on off topic, I absolutely can never believe how can people fast. If I don't eat when I'm hungry I'm not only grumpy but also can't s...

May 6th 2013
koloryczerni replied to Amanda Ridding's question:

Experiences with Cheat Dat

from what I remember you should wait at least 7 days before CD. also, the post-CD weight usually comes off in next 7 days as well, and you see the results on the morning of next CD day.

May 2nd 2013
May 2nd 2013
May 2nd 2013

ok, after further consideration I see I should weight around 113 pounds so I've got around 20 pounds to lose...

Apr 28th 2013

is shows me even more, 29.7 % of fat. I'm 161 cm and 60.5 kg.and it says 39.5 pounds of fat, oh my god.

Apr 28th 2013

Well, once I did it at doctor's appointment, he had proffesional equipment, I was around 24 % of fat then. Now I'm doing it by scales but I gained...

Apr 27th 2013

sorry that I'm cutting into your topic Dannielle, I hope you don't mind but I need to ask this... I've got around 10 pounds to lose when it comes ...

Apr 27th 2013

Aysegul, what do you consider "not much to lose" when it comes to % of body fat? I have no idea where I can find "norms" for t...

Apr 26th 2013

does the MED apply also to the non kettlebell training f.ex. puking cat etc?

Apr 23rd 2013