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Babetravelling asked a question:

slow carb diet is only water weight loss This is an article about low cabs diet and its saying we just lose water weight on the first weeks or so. It also states that weight goes back with ven...

19 days ago
Jan 22nd 2014
Babetravelling asked a question:

Cold Therapy

If this is right, how come residents from cold countries are likely to be bigger than tropical countries? Aren't you storing more fat if it's cold?

Jan 11th 2014
RosesLou replied to foodz's question:

Anyone tried kettlebell swings yet?

I started doing the swings after I read the book and loved them. I was a gym member not so long ago, but now I just do kettlebells from home, that's it. It's so much easier and the short workouts ...

May 14th 2013
Inés Cabarrus replied to Shane Howard's question:

Sashimi. Why do we not hear much about this?

My family owns and I run a Japanese restaurant. Sashimi is one of the things I am so glad I can have! It's been so hard the last 3 weeks watching all the orders of glorious sushi, fried rice, udon...

May 9th 2013

Oh and my fiancee and I are both doing the diet and we cook all the time too- so much fun discovering new recipes and carb alternatives. I post my...

May 7th 2013
Inés Cabarrus replied to Alexander's question:

SCD and cooking for yourself

I follow your food photos on the instagram slowcarbdiet hashtag album Great stuff!

May 7th 2013
Inés Cabarrus replied to Juan Perez's question:

Sweet tooth once again

Been on the diet for 3 weeks already and I'm quite active at the gym. I have allowed myself a banana immediately post work out about two or three times, then when I get home or somewhere, I have m...

May 6th 2013
Inés Cabarrus replied to Suzanne Roberts's question:

SICK OF EGGS!!! Breakfast help?

I take protein shakes sometimes when I can't do the egg thing... anyone else doing that? I remember in the book TF says it's alright if you REALLY can't stand to have the egg, legume, spinach comb...

May 1st 2013

Thanks guys!

Apr 16th 2013
Inés Cabarrus asked a question:

Japanese food and the SCD

Hi All! My fiance and I just started the Slow Carb diet and are very excited about it! We are lucky that our business together is a Mexican resto similar to Chipotle, which is one of the recomme...

Apr 16th 2013

Thanks chrisg, I am currently taking probiotics now and yes it does help a lil. Thanks!

Jan 31st 2013

same problem too. I was wondering if its ok to drink senna tea say every 3 days? is it ok?

Jan 29th 2013
Melissa Elizalde is doing a tutorial!

Fat burning circuit: Routine 1

Burn fat and add tone up with this series of 6 circuit training routines. Each full-body routine consists of 8 different resistance training exerci...

Jan 27th 2013

I do mine on a local market where the veggies are fresh. I can't suggest you go there when you dont have a local with you. enjoy ur stay in dumag...

Jan 26th 2013
Princess Ann Roman replied to Arathi Shekhat's question:

For fun - Big plans for tomorrow??

Aww i am counting down hours too! I have so many on my list w/c I made through out the week whenever i feel the cravings. 1 Huge Cheese Burger French Fries Pizza Chocolate Cake Donuts Beef Noodle...

Jan 25th 2013
Jan 25th 2013
Princess Ann Roman replied to LizMir's tip:

Simple Bean Cake Recipe: Feels like cheat day!

is this recipe SCD friendly? I am planning to make one next week to eat as dessert.

Jan 25th 2013

for the legumes you will really need to go to a mall to do grocery there. The legumes here that are SCD friendly are not canned you will have to b...

Jan 25th 2013
Princess Ann Roman replied to Christian Tambo Holm's question:

Any advise?

Where in the philippines are you staying? If you are staying near taguig, you can go to SNR w/c is like costco that sells imported stuf. so you can get your beans there. or you can order fish from...

Jan 25th 2013
Ruby Pipes replied to Christian Tambo Holm's question:

Any advise?

If you're staying in one place, I'd invest in a hot plate. They are all over the place in the Philippines. My husband and I actually started the SCD there. Legumes are hard to find, but we did hav...

Jan 25th 2013

lol! but yeah the same thing happened to me on my first day of SCD w/o beans. I ended up eating 1 pint of ice cream the next day and a whole bunch...

Jan 22nd 2013