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Ziv Kraizelman asked a question:

The Low Information Diet: should you not read books?

Hey guys, In Tim Ferriss’ The 4 Hour Body, he advocates to stop conduming any type of information other than his book. This idea really disturbs me, as I would like to read many books to lea...

May 6th 2016
Ana Sofia Hibon asked a question:

Bean/Pea flours

Hi, I started the slow carb diet 2 weeks ago, and bought a bag of green pea flour as a substitute for regular flour. I planned on using it to make tortillas on some days in order to diversify my m...

Feb 17th 2014
Tracy Maité asked a question:

Creo que descansare unos 4 dias '-.-'

He tenido mi cheat day a lo grande ahora hasta me duelen los abdominales de tanto comer ... pero como ire de viaje creo que me tomare un descanso , los daños creen ustedes seran grandes ¿? ganar...

Jan 31st 2014