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Matias Miranda asked a question:

About burger patties

Hi, im working at a restaurant and sometimes Im allowed to take some stuff home by the end of the day. i just want to know if burger patties are simply not allowed or what shoyld I look for in t...

Apr 14th 2016

no worries mate. I think it's time I post a motivational update soon. Hint: I'm still at it and have been for almost 4 years now.

Dec 11th 2015
Stacey Cole asked a question:

Not Seeing Any Results - Please Tell Me What I'm Doing Wrong!

31 / F / 160 / 56.1kg / 55.9kg / 19 Days Hello, Thanks for reading and for hopefully giving me some tips and ways to improve. I’ve been on the SCD plan for 19 days and am seeing zero results...

Aug 19th 2015

So do you eat even at 4:30 am before training !!! I train first thing when I get up at 6 on an empty stomach.. But now starting this plan I'm not ...

Aug 16th 2015

Thanks Andrea. Have a great Week 1!

Aug 2nd 2015
Kim Wriedt asked a question:

Returning after 2 years off and need a hand

hi 4 hour people. i was doing the four hour body 3 years ago for about 8 months and found it really really great. Both lost weight, gained energy and just enjoyed doing it. A whole lot of unexpect...

Jul 31st 2015
Tim Martin asked a question:

SCD Recipes

Hi, I’ve been struggling with lunches in particular and thought there migh be recipes floating out there I could use. I thought there might even be a recipe section but I couldnt find one. M...

Jun 14th 2015

I also would say focus on fat loss and not weight loss. I found the first few weeks on the diet I gained muscle and my body composition changed dra...

Mar 30th 2015
Sonic Debate replied to locarb4health's question:

Women and the 4 Hour Body

I am a 42 year old woman and had brilliant success with 4HB in 2013 and lost a total of 14kg on it effortlessly at a rate of 0.8kg per week. I stopped due to a crisis and didn’t go back on i...

Mar 30th 2015
Marty Kendall replied to orezscu86's question:

Experimentation with Cheese

Based on the latest food insulin index data it appears that insulinogenic effects of dairy products, along with other foods, are largely explained by their carb, protein and fibre content. See ana...

Mar 20th 2015

Thanks Jim.

Feb 7th 2015
Michael Mifsud asked a question:

Cheat day - 1 waking day or 24 hours?

I assumed the former basically just the waking hours of the designated cheat day. Alternatively can you do 24 hours over 2 calendar days? For example start dinner on day 1 and finish before din...

Feb 6th 2015
Tracy B asked a question:

The Kiwi’s Workout results

Hi everyone, I just started the Kiwi’s Workout -focused on the butt- and would like to know what results did you get and how long did it take? Cheers, Tracy

Jan 11th 2015
Oct 2nd 2014

at the moment it's a 3 days split- upper body push, lower body, and upper body pull. 15-20 sets with a mixture of compound moves/functional moves.....

Sep 28th 2014
Sep 27th 2014

• How would you take this approach if your workouts were in the morning? • How are you splitting your macros? • I’d like to keep cheat day...

Sep 27th 2014

Thanks for taking the time with such a detailed and helpful answer! So just to clarify: • Are you suggesting not to worry about the post-workout ...

Sep 27th 2014

Do you think yoga on the other days would classify as 'strenuous exercise'?

Sep 20th 2014