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Thanks Jim.

25 days ago
Michael Mifsud asked a question:

Cheat day - 1 waking day or 24 hours?

I assumed the former basically just the waking hours of the designated cheat day. Alternatively can you do 24 hours over 2 calendar days? For example start dinner on day 1 and finish before din...

26 days ago
Tracy B asked a question:

The Kiwi’s Workout results

Hi everyone, I just started the Kiwi’s Workout -focused on the butt- and would like to know what results did you get and how long did it take? Cheers, Tracy

52 days ago
Oct 2nd 2014

at the moment it's a 3 days split- upper body push, lower body, and upper body pull. 15-20 sets with a mixture of compound moves/functional moves.....

Sep 28th 2014
Sep 27th 2014

• How would you take this approach if your workouts were in the morning? • How are you splitting your macros? • I’d like to keep cheat day...

Sep 27th 2014

Thanks for taking the time with such a detailed and helpful answer! So just to clarify: • Are you suggesting not to worry about the post-workout ...

Sep 27th 2014

Do you think yoga on the other days would classify as 'strenuous exercise'?

Sep 20th 2014

Thanks for your response Jim :) Do you have those treats throughout the day or within a pretty close time period of your workout? Any other tip...

Sep 20th 2014
Serkan Atila commented on G G's reply:

Thanks for your response G G. The line of thinking was: -if there isn't enough food intake- the muscle will waste away and there isn't enough res...

Sep 20th 2014
Serkan Atila asked a question:

SCD & Maintaining Muscle

Hi All, I’ve recommited to the SCD but was wondering if I could get some insights from the community for this time around? To give you a bit of background: My first DEXA scan 3/7/2012 ...

Sep 18th 2014

Hey Kisha, can completely understand the hunger pains after sports/working out, I also get the munchies after exercising haha. A great protein bar...

Aug 26th 2014
Gary Stewart replied to Kishan Kumar's question:

Acceptable Snacks in 4HB regimen

Hey Kishan, just a heads up with the protein bars, they normally contain a lot of hidden sugars and carbs. For instance, I use to snack on these ‘low sugar and low carb’ bars but then ...

Aug 21st 2014
Gary Stewart replied to Timo Dygryn's question:

3dr day of LCD, 3 day of headaches

Hey timo, just a suggestion but I think you are not consuming enough protein in your diet. Firstly you should be consuimg 30 grams in 30 minutes of waking up, 3 eggs would definitely not suffice...

Aug 21st 2014
Courtney McIvor replied to locarb4health's question:

Women and the 4 Hour Body

I’m into my second week and I have put on 2cm around my waist. I don’t have scales so don’t bother with weighing myself as thats not what is important to me. My period also start...

May 14th 2014