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Shayyan Ali asked a question:

limited effects; which all persons with erectile dysfunction will tell you. If you want were to tell you that some male enhancement methods are downright dangerous? What if you were to learn that ...

5 days ago
Armaan Khan asked a question:

one or more of the following 5 myths. Avoid these myths and I can assure you, you WILL see results (as you’ll find out about towards the end of this article). Alright, here are 5 male enhanc...

9 days ago
Farhan Khan replied to volfan27's question:

Is there anyone actually following cold therapy?

I got my fat loss at home by using blue fat freeze system ( for 1 hour daily and without doing a single exercise. But i did maintain healthy eating with it as there is no ...

16 days ago
Mar 16th 2012
Mohammad Hassan Khoja asked a question:

A headless Chicken.

Okay So I started my diet today. And this is how my day Has been today, tell me what I am doing wrong so I can shape my Plan according to it. Got up around 2 pm (slept late) Had a 2 egg omelette...

Mar 13th 2012
Mohammad Hassan Khoja blogged:


Hey, I am 20 (in March 2012) and I think a little overweight. Was flying to Dubai when I read about the 4HB in the Open skies magazine, Got the book while I was there and read through most of it, ...

Mar 13th 2012