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Irfan Khan asked a question:

the side contain melatonin that are consumed throughout the dayMelatonin for Seasonal Affective DisorderSeasonal affective disorder or SAD is a kind of depression characterized by feeling blue and...

23 days ago
Ali Jaan asked a question:

. Anti-oxidants have been proven to slow the appearance of aging in women. Additionally, anti-oxidants have been demonstrated as being effective at preventing organ and skin deterioration in women...

29 days ago
Noor Khan asked a question:

comedones treatment and what’s more open comedones whether on nose sanctuary jaw or elsewhere If you have skin break out comedones use oilfree magnificence care items It is best to avoid smo...

60 days ago
Sana Khan asked a question:

picking establishment and other cosmetics pick those with gel fluid or powder bases If utilizing a fluid cosmetics ensure it is water based not oil based Makeup named “noncomedongenic”...

66 days ago
Sarah Khan asked a question:

Datis Kharrazian writes in his book Why Isn’t My Brain Working?:“If the brain needs acetylcholine and is not getting it from adequate dietary fat then it will break down brain tissue … from ...

71 days ago
Noor Khan asked a question:

protein to expeditiously scramble in water Kelly Starrett: Changing The Way You Think About far most of his noteworthiness thinking about hydration And after around two decades treating clients in...

86 days ago
Mar 16th 2012
Mohammad Hassan Khoja asked a question:

A headless Chicken.

Okay So I started my diet today. And this is how my day Has been today, tell me what I am doing wrong so I can shape my Plan according to it. Got up around 2 pm (slept late) Had a 2 egg omelette...

Mar 13th 2012
Mohammad Hassan Khoja blogged:


Hey, I am 20 (in March 2012) and I think a little overweight. Was flying to Dubai when I read about the 4HB in the Open skies magazine, Got the book while I was there and read through most of it, ...

Mar 13th 2012