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Arnstein Johansen shared a tip:

Geek2Freek template

Added a workout template on bodyspace based on the Geek2Freek program. Please check it out:

Apr 19th 2015

Just tried this now(i even just used raw cauliflower) and it turned out very good. Thanks for the tip;)

Apr 1st 2015

Thank you for the feedback. Could you elaborate on the possible issues of tomatoes combined with fat i bacon or sausage? Thanks!

Jan 20th 2015
Jan 20th 2015
Anders Pedersen asked a question:

Too much tomato?

Hi. I’ve been on the slow carb diet for 3 weeks now. First week I lost 2 kg (great!), second week 1 kg (great!) and third week I gained 0,2 kg (not so great). I’m aware that this might...

Jan 19th 2015
Aleksander Berntsen asked a question:

Problem loosing fat around the stomach!

Hi I've been doing the slow carb diet for 3 weeks now, and have had good results. I have lost 10 pounds over these three weeks. Considering that I was not overweight when i started (i was 181 cm/...

May 11th 2013
Mette Thue asked a question:

Body temperature

Hi! I have been on the slow carb diet for 4 days now. All well, and have lost 1,5 kg already. I have noticed that I feel a lot warmer the last 48 hours. I have not taken my temperature, just gene...

May 9th 2013
Håvard Knapp asked a question:

G2F - after 3 workouts - thoughts?

Hi! Despite some good advice on the forum, my friend and I chose to try replicate Ferriss' g2f routine. Here is the progress after 3 workouts: Pullover + 26x8 - 28x9 - 30x9...

Feb 28th 2013

Thanks for the answers! It seems like the best idea to start with occams as you say. just tempting to do more.. I guress I'll see how it is once I...

Feb 5th 2013
Håvard Knapp asked a question:

Choosing workout routine for the g2f program..

Hi! This is my first post in this forum I'm about to get started on the g2f program, but haven't decided on the workout routine yet. I have ordered the supplements and gonna start when i get the...

Feb 2nd 2013
Jul 12th 2012
Jul 11th 2012
Jul 11th 2012
Jul 10th 2012
Sondre asked a question:

Enough calories and proteins to gain muscle?

After having been 8 months off, I've decided to get back on the SCD and give the experiment of renewing myself another go. There were several factors that made me quit last time: First, christmas...

Jul 9th 2012
Jun 29th 2012

Just to clarify, do you use pre-cooked ready to eat lentils?

Jun 29th 2012
SimonC commented on SimonC's reply:

I always have a cheat day, even if I haven't lost anything (Or gained). Personally, I think its a psychological boost. Its a good way to draw a li...

Dec 9th 2011
SimonC replied to 4hBod's question:

To cheat or not to cheat?

Personally, I think 1.6 pounds in 4 days is pretty good. I lose about half a kilo a week on average, so about 1 pound. Tim says in the book that too much exercise will stall progress, so that coul...

Dec 9th 2011
SimonC blogged:

Fit by forty

I've tried various dieting and exercises and lost a lot and then gained a lot (As everyone seems to). At my highest, my weight was 127kg, now (23/11/11) its 107.8kg and slowly decreasing. I found ...

Dec 5th 2011
SimonC asked a question:

Should weigh-ins/measurements be limited?

I'm having a day where I'm kinda tempted to cheat and I think its cause I weighed in this morning. I'm about 0.8kg above where I was last Saturday. I know that I'll lose it by Saturday, but its te...

Dec 5th 2011
Nov 11th 2011
Sondre replied to Gretchen Linden's blog post:

My cholesterol tests were very good!

Jesus, that's amazing! Great job? Was this your goal, reaching a lower cholesterol level? Did you do a test before you started SCD too?

Nov 10th 2011
Sondre replied to MerlinsAngel01's question:

Weigh and Measure - How often

Personally I´ve stopped weighing myself every morning and every night. I do every monday and every thursday, that way i can keep track of what goes on with my body during the week and during the ...

Nov 8th 2011
Sondre replied to MerlinsAngel01's question:

Feeling tired on the 2nd day

What you're expiriencing is low blood sugar. This comes from a reduction in the amount of carbohydrates your body is used to getting. I went through the exact same thing. For me it happende every ...

Nov 7th 2011
Sondre replied to frederiksk's question:

A bet about losing weight.

You could try doing a guerilla cardio workout every morning before eating breakfast. You need however to be very effective in the morning to make it possible. You have to complete the workout and ...

Nov 6th 2011
Nov 4th 2011
Nov 2nd 2011
Oct 24th 2011
Sondre asked a question:

Need some help and guidence!

Hi everyone! Five weeks ago i started SCD, and the first three weeks were amazing! I dropped 3 % bodyfat, 3,1 kg fat and 0,5 kg muscle. However on my cheat day in my fourth week it went terribly ...

Oct 24th 2011
K-man blogged:

Fit for fight

Looking forward to start the SCD!

Oct 15th 2011
Oct 13th 2011