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Craig Andrew replied to Carola Varnet's question:

Can i use chickpea flour to make bread or cookies ?can i use chickpeas at all? thnks

Not 100% sure but my guess is no …. Main reason being it’s said that if you have to ask the answer is No, so forget about bread and cookies etc until cheat day then make up for it and ...

Nov 1st 2014
Aug 2nd 2014
Aaron Hunt asked a question:

Sugar free energy drinks

kia ora everybody, you know how your allowed 1 small can of diet fizzy drink per day? does that include energy sugar free drinks? red bull etc??

Jul 31st 2014
Aaron Hunt asked a question:

Pea protein powder

hi team just a question about pea protein powder im sick of eating boiled eggs first thing in the morning is it ok to use pea protein powder as a shake instead??? is it against 4 hour body rules?

Jul 31st 2014

Thanks for the top - have to have a look for something like that in NZ

May 15th 2014
Sumsum77 commented on G G's reply:

Yes here in New Zealand it's called jelly! Haven't had fruit since I started the diet and don't miss it at all! Funny that...

May 15th 2014
Sumsum77 commented on G G's reply:

Thanks G G - good tip!

May 13th 2014
Sumsum77 asked a question:

Any Suggestions on how to fight my sugar cravings?

I’ve been on the SCD now for 9 weeks and I cannot shake my cravings for sugar (biscuits, chocolate, danish pastry - anything goes really) I can fight it most the time and I ditched sugar all...

May 13th 2014
May 13th 2014
Sumsum77 replied to Jennifer Schultz's question:

Want to Lose weight with Garcinia Cambogia

I’ve tried the Garcinia Cambogia as well and makes no difference whatsoever. If there was a simple fix, everyone could and would do it! Unfortunately it takes some effort and the will to c...

May 13th 2014

How long have you been on the diet HannibalLuis?

May 8th 2014
Sumsum77 asked a question:

Skin Changes on 4HB

Hi Guys, My previous post seems to have gone into the nirvana hence I’m starting again… I’ve been on the diet for 6 weeks now and noticed changes in my skin pretty much from...

Apr 25th 2014
Sumsum77 blogged:

Skin changes / problems on 4HB

Hi guys, We’ve just finished week 6 on the 4HB diet and I have noticed - pretty much from the start - that my skin is changing. I’m having a lot of outbreaks / pimples etc. and it...

Apr 25th 2014

That's what I told my husband too - we're getting the good carbs and not the bad diabetes producing ones! Thanks Moses Ong - I was just starting to...

Apr 9th 2014
Sumsum77 commented on Tomhole's reply:

Thanks Tomhole :-) - measured yesterday and despite no weight loss lost another 6cm overall - can't complain really :-)

Apr 9th 2014

I think you're correct! They just don't know and Doctors here in NZ are particularly useless (well some of them anyway). Thanks Anthony :-)

Apr 9th 2014
Sumsum77 asked a question:

Doctor's warning about 4HB?

Hi there, My husband and I started the diet a little over 3 weeks ago and we’re doing good so far. I’ve lost 8 pounds and a total of 18cm and my husband has lost 11 pounds and a total ...

Apr 8th 2014
Margo Bebb replied to Luis Mejia's question:

Random Yo Yo weight in the week

This has happened to me as well, after about 3 months of the diet... I am trying IF for a few weeks to see if that helps me break through the plateau.

Nov 19th 2013
Margo Bebb replied to smande's question:

Indian diets and lifestyles are a bit different

Can you set yourself up a reward... when I lose 1kg I will get this, or do this... it might be enough motivation to stop yourself popping that sweet. I like carrot sticks in cashew butter.. just ...

Nov 17th 2013

Good for you, Nwunye! I catch myself at times, thinking how it's not helping eating that... but not always. I have reduced my peanut butter spoo...

Nov 14th 2013
Margo Bebb replied to Nwunye Mb.'s question:

Bingeing on Slow Carb foods (have a cold)...

I read an article that says if you're craving salty foods, you are actually craving protein. So not sure what carbs you are craving? I find when I'm sick I just want comfort food, I associate th...

Nov 13th 2013
Margo Bebb replied to G G's question:

Tales from my 16:8 IF experiment

I too have been trying IF, normal SCD diet just not eating till 10.30 or 11 (research I have seen on IF suggests thats women should do 14 hours fasting maximum) and then it's a small handful of nu...

Nov 13th 2013
Nov 6th 2013

I thought coconut cream and milk was also a no-no

Nov 5th 2013