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RodGmz asked a question:

Round 2 - Can't handle just black coffee

This is my second round with the SCD. I started January 2013 and lasted all the way through June 2013 with the SCD, losing 60 lbs (28 kg). I stopped because I had some health and personal issues, ...

Jan 10th 2014
RodGmz asked a question:

Month 1: 7kg (15lbs)

I had just poured my heart out on the reasons on why I started SCDing, but for some odd reason my question never really posted. In a nut shell after years and years of bad dieting on my part. I ...

Feb 18th 2013

Hi, Nicole. My height it's exactly the same as you... How did you lose those kg? I'm weighting now 59 kg and I'm 1,64cm. What was the amount of ti...

Nov 8th 2012
Blair Bass replied to Blaze's question:

Slow carb bible?

Nov 4th 2012
Ivonne Solther replied to ashokraju's question:

Slow Carb + Insanity Workouts

Hey there! I just ran into your post and I was wondering what were your results? I just started the 4HB, but I have been doing the Insanity for 3 weeks now, and I am wondering the same you were. I...

Oct 11th 2012
jaded blogged:


hoping to get back in shape.

May 27th 2012

Gracias amiga! Im also a fan of mexican food, but i do miss the tortilla on my tacos!!!

Mar 8th 2012

Akane you are the best! Thank you!!!

Mar 8th 2012
Mexicana asked a question:

Mix legumes in 1 meal?

Is it ok to mix legumes in one meal? e.g. Bean soup and add lentils to a chiken salad?

Mar 8th 2012

Thank you so much Akane!!! I can't bealive 1 egg is only 6gms!!!! I will follow your advice, drop the beens at dinner and weight my protein to be...

Mar 2nd 2012
Mexicana asked a question:

I need help!!!

Sorry if my english its no perfect... Ok, so i've been doing SCD for almost 1 month and i think im going to slow! Im 34, female. I started in 62.8 kilos and now i weight 60k (almost 3k lost) and ...

Mar 2nd 2012
Mexicana asked a question:

Is Stevia ok?

O know the book sais specificly get of splenda, but how about stevia, can i have 1 stevia with my coffe every other day?

Feb 29th 2012
Mexicana asked a question:

Gum and jicama?

Are we allowd to have a piece of sugar free gum? And also i want to know if jicama is consider as a vegetable and we can eat it?

Feb 28th 2012
Feb 26th 2012
Mexicana replied to mranderson's question:

What slow-carb desserts are allowed?

What about a piece of sugar free gum, is it allowd?

Feb 23rd 2012
Mexicana replied to Maria Rider's blog post:

Akane's Before/After Pictures :)

Wowwwww you look amazing! Congrats!!!

Feb 14th 2012
Feb 7th 2012
Feb 5th 2012
Mexicana asked a question:

What about edamame?

Does any body knows if edamame ( green japanese beens) is allowd?

Feb 5th 2012
Mexicana commented on Sam Green's reply:

Thank you sam!

Feb 5th 2012
Mexicana asked a question:

Is turkey ham or sausage alloud?

Hi im new at these, im planing to start the SCD On monday and dont want to make any mistakes, so i want to now if i can eat turkey ham or sausage as my proteins? For example, eggs and turkey ham, ...

Feb 5th 2012

If you can find some flour tortillas or naan or wraps or something of the sort: i would recommed melted cheese (preferably in a clay pot) with spa...

Feb 3rd 2012

Damm!!!, my day just got kicked in my below waist section big time. I was eager to have some grilled tofu with guacamole for dinner man!

Feb 3rd 2012

But, yeah, thank goodness for cheat days, they're really the only reason i decided to commit to this particular diet

Feb 3rd 2012