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Jamaludin Hossain replied to roberdingo's blog post:

SCD Success Story: roberdingo

Thanks for detail activity logs, this is awesome!

Nov 19th 2015

wow. this is such an inspiration. thanks for sharing.

Nov 19th 2015
Debbie W asked a question:

Breakfast replacement - Black Bean Soy Milk & Workout questions~

I am going to start Insanity workout and plan to do it in the morning. What should i do with the breakfast replacement. I dont know what protein shake would be help with me? Or can blend black bea...

May 18th 2013
Mar 27th 2013
Debbie W commented on Brenda 7's reply:

i need to lose about 80pounds at least to get the standard weight. so i was a bit frustrating when my weight didnt change for the whole week and i...

Mar 26th 2013
Debbie W asked a question:

Why my weight lost very slow?

i have the same problem of my weight loss very slow, i am on my week 3th, first week drop really fast like 8pounds because i was really sick, then when i recover, the second week goes really slow,...

Mar 24th 2013

Basically here are my 3 days meal: Breakfast : 1egg+2 egg white, spinach, lentils, and 3 slice of bacon Lunch : Lettuce + chicken breast Dinner : ...

Mar 24th 2013

i have the same problem of my weight loss very slow, i am on my week 3th, first week drop really fast like 8pounds because i was really sick, then...

Mar 24th 2013
Debbie W asked a question:

Is black bean allow to blend it and make it as a drink?

I am trying to make black bean drink then need to blend black bean and boil it, without putting any sugar and milk, is that possible? Similar to soy bean milk but without milk and sugar, is that ...

Mar 12th 2013
Shazz Mahfudz asked a question:

DEXA scan KL

Hi, I'm in KL and want to do a DEXA scan to start off my 4HB program. Where did you do yours and how much was it? You can direct-message me on my Facebook page under my name below. Thanks in adv...

Jul 5th 2012
JacquiA asked a question:

Can we eat Semolina?

Is it possible to incorporate semolina into our diet?

Apr 23rd 2012
JacquiA blogged:

Member intro: JacquiA

Just turned 40, wife and mother...wanting to lose the weight once and for all. I have been on the 4 hour body for 5 weeks now and have lost inches!

Apr 23rd 2012

Hey Minnesota... Thanks for letting me be part of the team. I appreciate your kind words and hope I'll be able to bring something to the team. ...

Mar 19th 2012
FaithLess blogged:

Member intro: Let me introduce myself...

Hi everyone, I'm a 32 year old male who's pretty much been overweight all my life. When I was younger, I was always the chubby kid, but that slowly progressed into fat... and as of now... obese. ...

Mar 16th 2012
jessewrites replied to ron.roberts's question:

Cure coffee withdrawal headaches

In the past when I get a headache I drink some of Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar with Mother. Mother is a string of proteins that is supposed to be really healthy. I use the stuff for a variety of thi...

Oct 30th 2011

Black bean flower has a really nice taste without adding many other spices, unlike lentil flour.

Oct 30th 2011

If you can find Lotus Root at the asian market, fry that in some oil and put whatever seasoning you want on it. They sell it in Hawaii in place of...

Oct 30th 2011

It's better as a flat bread, mixing in various seasonings to the batter to get over the taste of the flour itself (which isn't very good but can ...

Oct 11th 2011
jessewrites blogged:

I love to travel, make art, bake, cook, and learn

I have been living abroad for the last 3 years and currently reside in Malaysia. I am originally from New Jersey and dream of owning a beach house.

Sep 13th 2011
fatboy69-atleastfornow asked a question:

How I lost 1kg (2.2lbs) a week

Hey Guys! Just thought I'd share my story. The more the merrier, right? One day in late April, I tipped the scales at 120kg (265 lbs). I'm around 185cm (6'1") and a solid build. In my youth...

Sep 1st 2011
Numero blogged:

I wanna be lean

Hi everyone, I'm a 33 year old guy, at 165cm tall and currenty weights in at 79kg. This must be the heaviest I've ever been. I used to be at 65kg (where I plateaued) by religiously hitting the gy...

Aug 27th 2011
cyyap blogged:

just an ordinary teenagers

erm... i am 16 years old from malaysia.. my body always become jokes in our class that because my classmate is all sports people, all of them are fit most of them have 2 to 4 pack... so i don't wa...

Aug 27th 2011
stph asked a question:

Change Country?

This might be a little trivial, but I signed up when I was in a country that's not my own. Would I have the option of changing it when I change locations again?

Aug 16th 2011
stph blogged:

To be inspired.

I've always been within the acceptable weight range, but have never been proud of my body. I started putting on weight about three years ago and have since held steady between the 137-143lb range...

Aug 16th 2011
deathinc asked a question:

Are the any Malaysians on this forum?

Hello, My wife and I just started 4HB today. We were wondering if there are any Malaysians / South East Asians who are on the diet. Would be great if we could share tips, especially on recipes an...

Jul 17th 2011
deathinc asked a question:

Is this organic soy product okay?

Hello fellow 4HB-ers, I have this Organic Soy Milk product at home The link says that it is fructose free. Is it possible t...

Jul 4th 2011