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Oct 3rd 2013
Oct 3rd 2013

Great. thanks. Good luck this Ramadan

Jun 3rd 2013

Hey Nader, hope all is well. I was reading your blog about how you did the SCD during Ramadan! Great results, I hope (InshaAllah) I'll be able to ...

May 30th 2013
Steve W replied to Mentor Palokaj's question:

4 Hour Body Part 1 Summary

Lov it thanks for sharing

Mar 14th 2013
Steve W replied to Bugzy Chorky's question:

Frustrated... Not working?

Brenda is absolutely right, cut down on the almond butter before sleeping. You have the will and you are eating right (though I would skip lunch number 2 and only have a bigger lunch if needed) so...

Feb 20th 2013
Feb 20th 2013
Feb 19th 2013

Good job! Don't give up and you are right in saying it's a lifestyle change.. at least for me it has become too

Feb 19th 2013
Feb 19th 2013
Feb 18th 2013
Steve W asked a question:

anyone tried this fat burner?

Hi, Im new to the SCD and Im taking a fatburner while on the that recommended please check the below and let me know if any good. thanks!

Feb 14th 2013
Feb 14th 2013
Steve W commented on Steve W's reply:

PS i already tired therapeutic fasting in a diet center in Germany..worked well..

Feb 14th 2013
Steve W replied to Douglas Castro's tip:

Recommending Intermittent Fasting! (Before and after pics included)

Waw great post and great efforts! thanks! so when you fast you just drink water and green tea for a whole day? no food at ALL?? Thanks...its my 3rd day on the i'm still learning..and gett...

Feb 14th 2013
karsouny blogged:

Member intro

Hey guys, I m Michel, so i ve had this challenge last year and dropped 12kgs and built muscle in the process to dress up as Leonidas of 300 on Halloween. I m doing it again this year but don't f...

Jul 17th 2011
karsouny changed karsouny's photo!
Jul 8th 2011