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Charbel Boustany asked a question:

Business seminars in miami

Hey guys im new to this and was wondering if you guys know any business seminars coming up in miami soon or if anyone living in miami could give me some help in running my business thank you so mu...

Sep 10th 2015
Oct 3rd 2013
Oct 3rd 2013

Great. thanks. Good luck this Ramadan

Jun 3rd 2013

Hey Nader, hope all is well. I was reading your blog about how you did the SCD during Ramadan! Great results, I hope (InshaAllah) I'll be able to ...

May 30th 2013
Steve W replied to Mentor Palokaj's question:

4 Hour Body Part 1 Summary

Lov it thanks for sharing

Mar 14th 2013
Steve W replied to Bugzy Chorky's question:

Frustrated... Not working?

Brenda is absolutely right, cut down on the almond butter before sleeping. You have the will and you are eating right (though I would skip lunch number 2 and only have a bigger lunch if needed) so...

Feb 20th 2013
Feb 20th 2013
Feb 19th 2013

Good job! Don't give up and you are right in saying it's a lifestyle change.. at least for me it has become too

Feb 19th 2013
Feb 19th 2013
Steve W asked a question:

anyone tried this fat burner?

Hi, Im new to the SCD and Im taking a fatburner while on the that recommended please check the below and let me know if any good. thanks!

Feb 14th 2013
Feb 14th 2013
Steve W commented on Steve W's reply:

PS i already tired therapeutic fasting in a diet center in Germany..worked well..

Feb 14th 2013
Steve W replied to Douglas Castro's tip:

Recommending Intermittent Fasting! (Before and after pics included)

Waw great post and great efforts! thanks! so when you fast you just drink water and green tea for a whole day? no food at ALL?? Thanks...its my 3rd day on the i'm still learning..and gett...

Feb 14th 2013
karsouny blogged:

Member intro

Hey guys, I m Michel, so i ve had this challenge last year and dropped 12kgs and built muscle in the process to dress up as Leonidas of 300 on Halloween. I m doing it again this year but don't f...

Jul 17th 2011