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Ben2TheMax replied to Matias Miranda's question:

About burger patties

I think the consensus would be to know exactly where the meat comes from and what’s been added to it, yeah? Obviously if you’re working at a place with lean grass fed beef, then you&#...

Apr 19th 2016
Junhyuk Nam asked a question:

A seriously Question... Diabetes.

I am a Korean, so please understand my terrible English. I am poor at English. I Have a question. I have done slow carb diet for 1 year. In SCD, we eat relatively less carb and slow carb (whic...

Oct 10th 2015
Ron Chang asked a question:

Two Weeks In and Not Losing Any Weight

Just finished my two weeks on the diet and I dont seem to be losing any weight. After the first week, before my cheat day, I weighed myself and I was five pounds less than what I was on my first d...

Jun 22nd 2015
Junhyuk Nam asked a question:

3weeks with SCD, very very awesome...

Hello Everyone. I am a Korean Slowcarb dieter. eight gained…..

Oct 14th 2014
Junhyuk Nam voted for Tomhole's reply to:
Oct 2nd 2014
Sep 25th 2014
Junhyuk Nam asked a question:

PAGG dosage

Hello~ I

Sep 25th 2014
Junhyuk Nam asked a question:

Cheat day question

Every suggestion of yours is very very Invaluable of me.

Sep 22nd 2014

Thank you so much... Your advice is very useful and great for me... In fact, when I was highschool students, my school's foriegner Englsh teacher w...

Sep 22nd 2014

You're braver than me, mate. I don't work out, so I try to stick to the slow carbs rather than any other carbs whenever possible. And I don't go ...

May 22nd 2014

Right! Tell 'em you have celiac disease. It's slightly more weight than a "gluten allergy" - which has been in the news a lot lately. ...

May 22nd 2014
Ben2TheMax replied to Grace Sheng's question:

Just some questions

I feel your pain. When I first started it was challenging and you’ll find that there are weird things that your body does that nobody else’s body does. And that’s a tough nut t...

May 20th 2014

I have found that good dark chocolate depends on good brands. Ghirardelli has the perfect size "Intense Dark" squares in 60%, 72% & ...

May 19th 2014

Sorry for the delay, somehow not getting notifications. I use KSL's P/AGG. Not in the majority, I think, but it...

May 19th 2014

+1 for Grace. I would say if you could use almond butter or maybe a few raw ones, it may be a better choice. Lately, for my random cravings I've ...

May 19th 2014

To add to GG's comment, what's your baseline for measurements for that figure? Keep in mind that there can be wild fluctuations on BF% dependi...

May 19th 2014
Ben2TheMax replied to Raj Koria's question:

Breakfast Time

Hey Raj, Most people will say that run it as an experiment and see how it goes… If you can try a quick egg white/black beans/spinach in a microwave bowl for five minutes within 30 mins o...

May 10th 2014

No worries... Just wanted to let you know that I found this: at a local GS Su...

May 10th 2014
May 2nd 2014

Right on, man! I'm having a cup of the Emperor's Pu-Erh right now. I don't know how different the bricks are but I may give it a shot... Not too ...

May 2nd 2014

Hey Luis, Amazing that you're in Asia as well. I noticed your iHerb mention right away and guessed you had be close. Thanks for the confirmation...

Apr 22nd 2014
Apr 12th 2014
Elliot Clements asked a question:

Sweet potato?

Is a sweet potato a white Carb. Thanks

Feb 4th 2013
Aug 17th 2012
Aug 12th 2012
Feb 17th 2012
thrillseeker blogged:

Member intro: I Want Muscles!

I've been a fan of Tim Ferris for a while, but it was just a few days ago that I found 4 Hour Body, after 6+ months of being seriously committed to improving my body. I'm 178 cm (5'10.5") an...

Feb 17th 2012

Chubbycheeks those sound great - too bad I'm in Korea and have no oven nor Portobello (lots of other mushroom varieties though). You asked about m...

Jan 17th 2012
mollusk replied to goldennirvana's question:

Trouble planning meals as a vegetarian

Unless you're a very stoic purist, why not try rice and/or pea protein powders? The only good rice protein is Sun Warrior (the type Ferris mentions in the book), but most pea proteins are similar....

Jan 2nd 2012
pb1937 asked a question:

Sausages and green lentils with tomato salsa

Found this on Jamie olivers site: Looks to be slow carb friendly: The only things I could spot that was non compliant that there is lemon juice and tomato in it, but there are apparently bene...

Nov 29th 2011
Nov 22nd 2011
pb1937 commented on Maria Rider's reply:

Thanks for the help I got some lentils today, enough for the week, going to get more this weekend though. Hmm I love chilli! Gonna see if I can...

Nov 22nd 2011
pb1937 asked a question:

Day 1: What happened to the legumes?

Finished day 1: Got in 4 meals today, had a bit of a hard time this morning with breakfast, ate 4 boiled eggs and a can of tuna, I skipped on the legumes and veggies that particular meal as I rea...

Nov 21st 2011
Nov 21st 2011
pb1937 replied to skinnygirliwasborntobe's question:

newbies got 4 HOUR

yes, thats right, the book will explain all. the thing that got me onto the book in the first place was the SCD blog post over at

Nov 21st 2011