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monique asked a question:

Lemon Juice

Hi - One week in and down 1 Kg... very happy. However my question is: I love cabbage salad w/ Lemon Juice and bit of Olive Oil, Salt and Pepper? Is that allowed (being that the lemon juice is a ...

Oct 19th 2011
monique commented on Minnesota's reply:

This has really helped because last night I had 3 big glasses of red wine.. and was a bit concerned as to the effects... However I shall try and ...

Oct 13th 2011
Oct 13th 2011
Oct 12th 2011
monique commented on JJJ's reply:

Thanks for the support! I am looking forward to it!

Oct 12th 2011
monique blogged:

Member intro: Day 1 - Giving this a Go!

I am a 38 year old female, grossly overweight. Weighing 120kg at 5'6". I have set a fit at 40 goal, plus numerous smaller step goals to get there, but get easily mis-led and find that I c...

Oct 12th 2011
Franklin Bonner asked a question:

I need a good bodyweight only routine

I am a frequent traveler to undeveloped countries. I have been on slow carb for a few months now, but finding it hard to stick to a regular exercise routine. Does anyone have a solid, bodyweight...

Apr 4th 2011