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Apr 9th 2013
Mar 26th 2013
Mar 3rd 2013
Nasser Majali replied to IrisHamilton's question:

No tofu? Why not?

ok, here is my problem, the last couple of weeks my weight decrease has stalled, first I cut out any nuts from my diet (i knew they were allowed in limited quantities but I allowed myself to eat t...

Sep 30th 2012
nour blogged:

Member intro: Hi! I'm Nour

I've read Tim's books, and immediately loved this "experimenting" lifestyle, and wanna try it out!

Sep 17th 2011
shereen jallad asked a question:

I don't know what to do now??? Diet and workout or can I eat more as the last mile with work out???

I am on slow carb and exercise for more than 1 month am now Weight 47.9 kg 105lb Muscle mass 19.5kg 42lb Body fat mass 11.4kg 25lb Ffm 36.5 kg 80lb Pbf 23.8% NMR 1158kcl I was 50 kg , 19,6% Pbf

Jun 18th 2011