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HanibalLuis replied to Kishan Kumar's question:

Acceptable Snacks in 4HB regimen

For a fellow Eagles fan, I have to reply. As some have mentioned already, if you hit 30 grams of protein and enough beans and /or cruciferous veggies, your hunger will be under better control. Bef...

Sep 10th 2014
HanibalLuis asked a question:

The Last Kilometer

You’re the man to ask. Looking at your legs pic I have to assume you’re at least at 8% body fat, if not lower. I’m in my third month of the SCD and I’ve gone from 19% to 13...

Jun 24th 2014
HanibalLuis replied to Jesse Laughlin's question:

Cellucor Whey

Well, let’s break it down: Simple answer, straight strict SCD, no. Always preferable to take in protein from natural sources. But in the 4HB book, Tim’s dad used a protein shake in t...

May 27th 2014

Also added greek yogurt with breakfast of in between meals.

May 22nd 2014
HanibalLuis replied to Grace Sheng's question:

Just some questions

Here’s a non-food related possible tweak. I plateued a few weeks back and got a bit discouraged, so I decided to make some tweaks. The biggest was taking the icing to a new level. Instead of...

May 22nd 2014

I have been super SDC compliant myself. But the last two weeks I've made some tweaks. Besides the chocolate, I added half a cup of cooked quinoa (w...

May 22nd 2014

No worries. Thanks for the help. Sounds like the Ghirardelli/Lindt variety packs from Costco that I get too. :D I've always been a fan of dark ch...

May 22nd 2014

Cool, thanks. I'm liking the the Numi Pu-erh and its been working, but I like the combo tip. I'm in the market for PAGG in the next week or so,...

May 10th 2014

6 weeks now.

May 8th 2014
HanibalLuis replied to Sumsum77's question:

Skin Changes on 4HB

You know, I’ve never really experienced any real skin problems in my life yet this mornig i felt a werid sensation on my neck. Looked in the mirror and sure enough, I have a similar rosacea ...

May 8th 2014
HanibalLuis replied to Tomhole's question:

First powerlifting meet this Saturday

Good work! Beastly deadlift.

May 4th 2014

No, no, the long form is welcomed. Thanks for sharing. I like reading about the path that everyone takes and then trying out my own experiments. ...

May 2nd 2014

You know, that was a thought I had today: combine maté and Pu-erh in the same carafe. But the idea of all that caffeine is scary! :D I tried the ...

May 2nd 2014
HanibalLuis replied to Pinky's tip:

subsitute for ketchup?

I use cumin and/or tumeric on eggs. You can also make your own pseudo fresh ketchup: tomato paste, vinegar, worcestershire sauce, onion and/or garlic powder and salt and pepper to taste.

Apr 28th 2014

Thanks for MJ. What were your typical cheat days like before? Start on PAGG yet?

Apr 28th 2014

Thanks IC, some good points to consider. I've also been doing a pre-workout a times this month (BSN Hyper or Jack3d) when I need a boost, but I'm t...

Apr 28th 2014
HanibalLuis replied to Shane Howard's question:

Who has used the Bulletproof Coffee after breakfast?

Made a poor man’s version of the BPC with some fair trade organic beans, coconut butter and some unsalted, grass fed butter. I already had everything but the butter and after some searching ...

Apr 24th 2014
HanibalLuis asked a question:

New Member / Tweaks Suggestions for the Sporting Folk

How about killing two birds with one bean. I’m Hanibal Luis, new to 4HP/4HB/SDC and most other capital letters. Saturday will be my fourth binge day marking my first month into 4HB/SCD. ...

Apr 23rd 2014

Hey Ben, No worries. Us Asia transplants need to stick together ;) Funny thing, I went shopping at my local foreign food shop yesterday and what do...

Apr 23rd 2014

Thanks! Been lurking here for a week and I dig your posts.

Apr 22nd 2014
JMT commented on Abulonna's reply:

Hi! Thanks for the answer! So basically what I want to know now is, should I follow the supplements from Geek to Freak or the supplements from Occ...

Sep 5th 2013
briz_in_japan replied to Erin Dunn's question:

Multi Vitamin

When I visit the UK I usually stock up on Berocca, which is available as either a big capsule or as a soluble tablet, which produces an ok tasting orange drink. I don't drink it every day but if ...

Feb 25th 2013
Feb 25th 2013
briz_in_japan replied to curryman's question:

Best weight lifting exercises without a gym

There's a really good Android/Apple app called "Your Gym" which features huge numbers of exercises for every body part, plus videos to show correct form. It even shows easier or more di...

Feb 22nd 2013
briz_in_japan asked a question:

Post Cheat Day Hangover feeling...

So I was on SCD a couple of years ago and then fell off it due to various reasons. Started again a couple of weeks ago, it's going ok, I remember what foods worked for me before so that side of t...

Feb 10th 2013

A couple of years ago I lost about 11KG on SCD (fell off the wagon but back on now!) and I was eating 3 tins of beans a day, 6 days a week. As th...

Feb 8th 2013
briz_in_japan replied to clemmyx's question:

Hot drink ideas? missing my cuppa :(

I know exactly what you mean! As a Brit, I look forward to my cheat day when the thing I'm most excited about is a "proper" cup of tea! During the week I've trained myself to drink b...

Feb 7th 2013

I hadn't used my kettlebells for a while, but just restarted 4HB again this week. Dragged out the 20kg KB and did 6 cycles of Tabatas. Planned on...

Feb 3rd 2013
briz_in_japan replied to Christian Tambo Holm's question:

Workout at home?

Based on the book "You Are Your Own Gym" there's an excellent app available for iOS and I think Android called "Your Gym." It contains many bodyweight based exercises, full tr...

Feb 1st 2013
briz_in_japan replied to Jake Dunham's question:

Is my goal plausible?

My suggestion is that you don't even think about the possibility of not winning this bet. Get on the SCD, get started and lose as much as you can. Worse case scenario is that you lose the bet bu...

Jan 31st 2013

Some products are sold as substitutes for other products, the miracle noodles spring to mind, but Shiritaki noodles have been eaten in Japan for a...

Jan 29th 2013

Scott, I'm taking the same one you're taking. So far no issues for me.

Jan 27th 2013
Miguel Macias asked a question:

2 Miles under 13:00 min ?

Hello, I am wondering if I follow Tims 12 week marathon program, Will I be fast enough to finish a 2 mile under 13:00 min? I am asking this because I have a PT test in two months and I ran my last...

Dec 19th 2012

yeah totally has wheat in it...DOH!!!! It's everywhere in Tokyo. Osaka uses more salt, so I will model my cooking after Osaka. Salt and dashi fr...

Jul 19th 2012
Justin DiCenzo asked a question:

Plateauing in Japan - need advice

Been doing 4hb since feb 2011 and managed to drop from 120 kg to 110 kg in about a year. Probably about a overall 20 lb. drop. I have continued the eating style but have plateaued after about a ...

Jul 17th 2012
Mar 17th 2012
Feb 29th 2012
briz_in_japan replied to Now.Or.Never's question:

Cooking Dried Beans

I've only just got the hang of this myself, having been undercooking for so long it put me off dried beans. I soak the beans for 6 hours or overnight, whichever is easier. Then I change the wate...

Feb 23rd 2012

That would be great if it's available and not expensive in Japan. I only really know of one place within reach of here that might have it.... Hmm...

Feb 22nd 2012
Member blogged:


Just starting My aim is weight LOSS for my health and happiness~!!

Feb 21st 2012
Member replied to briz_in_japan's question:

4 hour body in Japan

i get mine from an indian grocer here in Kobe. they have black beans and lentils at a much better price. also have seen the yerba mate you were looking for at a foreign food shop - will go back &a...

Feb 21st 2012
Feb 21st 2012