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Mar 21st 2014

Hi all! Just wanted to give you an update! 3 weeks in I managed to get that 5kg back in. it had to be too much sodium intake, for sure, as I was ve...

Mar 3rd 2014
jlimislandmusic asked a question:

slow carb diet while traveling overseas?

Anyone traveled overseas and found a way to stick to scd? I'm heading to the Philippines for vacation and I know what I eat here at home won't be available to me there. Foods in the Philippines ar...

Feb 25th 2014
jlimislandmusic asked a question:

No Love for carrots or Tabasco?

I've read somewhere that eating carrots should be done in moderation. I've looked at meals people post on instagram and it seems that most people don't really use carrots lol. Does anyone know why...

Feb 25th 2014
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Feb 25th 2014
kraj_k2005 blogged:

287 Lbs - Rest TBD

287 Lbs - Rest TBD

Feb 25th 2014
Marko Paloma replied to kraj_k2005's blog post:
Feb 25th 2014
jlimislandmusic blogged:

save the pandas

Boom boom pow

Feb 17th 2014

Hi all, thank you very very much for the tips. Ill keep an eye on sodium and cut coffee (thats a hard one) and integrate vitamins. The "prob...

Feb 17th 2014

This week I'll lighten up the diet: Ill switch to more fish iver meat and add some more veggies and a probiotic yogurt in the morning (to prevent...

Feb 16th 2014

I kept calorie count under 1500 for sure. I'm pretty sure it's water retention of some sort, because it can't be fat weight - i guess.I took meas...

Feb 16th 2014

Yep, PAGG drugs. Meals: Breakfast: egg whites, lentils spinach coffee Lunch: fish or chicken + beans + veggies Snack: 2boiled eggs lentils veg...

Feb 16th 2014
Adrianne Laconi replied to Joelle Hochstedler's question:

Encouragement for Nursing Moms: My story

I was really curious about this, so I am glad you shared your experience. Did you do 4hb while you were pregnant also? While I am not pregnant atm and I recently stopped doing 4hb (for a variety o...

Jan 3rd 2014
Marko Paloma shared a tip:

Ketosis: Vegetables with 5 Net Carbs or less

I am starting on Keto diet (something similar to "last mille", for all book nerds). Here is the vegi list that I find helpful. 1 cup bok choy (< 1 net carb) 1 cup lettuce (< 1 net...

Sep 24th 2013
angelawas blogged:


goal 130 from 153 and I need support

Sep 23rd 2013
Marko Paloma replied to Alex Abernathy's question:

Ketosis, of the nutritional variety

Hi Alex. I am also on Ketonic diet mixed with some alkaline detox for health reasons, by choice . I find this Peter Attia's video extremely helpful and it is full of interesting data: Maybe sta...

Sep 23rd 2013

Oh and yes beans are uncommon. You arrived a little late for fava beans and probably the borlotti beans as well. Everything is very seasonal at le...

Jul 31st 2013