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Anirudh Sardiwal replied to Srinivas Rao's question:

belly fat reduction

Hello Srinivas, I noticed you’re consuming ‘whole’ eggs for breakfast. Please note that firstly breakfast needs to be high protein in proportion to other nutrients, not just high...

29 days ago
Lisa Lord blogged:

Do Realy want to reduce Weight Use Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia Cambogia is a pumpkin produced small fruits found in numerous areas on the planet, primarily in Parts of Asia. It will be an evergreen tree with fresh fruits of yellow coloring and oval c...

30 days ago
Lisa Lord commented on G G's reply:

I want to sugget take Garcinia Cambogia for weight loss find more about it natural supplement

30 days ago
cannon_dt replied to jamaiscredule's question:

Appetite loss question

Hi, In my 6 month odd journey with SCD, I definitely did not experience any appetite loss, though I can see that it might happen. However it is absolutely not good to skip meals. Skipping meals al...

Mar 19th 2014
cannon_dt asked a question:

Kettlebell stories anyone?

Hiya to all swingers out here :D AFter a 6 month hiatus (regaining 6 out of my 18 hard-earned lost kilos :( ) I have restarted mt SCD and this time I intend to seriously incoroporate the kettleb...

Mar 14th 2014
India replied to Marie-joelle Desjardins's question:

No more periods on SCD

In my opinion, You should consult with your doctor. Only he can tell you what you should do. Everybody is different. What works for me might not work for you. PS: It is hard to read a paragraph w...

Mar 1st 2014
Feb 18th 2014
India asked a question:

When did you realise you are fat?

Hi, I was wondering when did you realise that you are fat and you have to do something about it. As for me I have been overweight all my life (I turned 30 few months back), Before this day I never...

Feb 16th 2014
India asked a question:

Hello All, I am back now with some more extra pounds!

I am very happy to be back. I missed you guys a lot. I don't believe when I had to change "My Current 4HB Goal" from 10 Pounds to 55 Pounds. I have gained a lot of weight in past few mon...

Feb 5th 2014
Baleshwar Healthgenie asked a question:

How many days can take to slimming good a waight 110kg peson

Every person want slimming body even if I also show slimming for this exercise and food nutrition is requirement. Please descried detail about it.

Jan 13th 2014
Huzefa Saifee blogged:

Started the SCD

I started the diet on the 19th of December. I have had one break day. No dramatic results so far. Actually, I'm not overweight, but i have got a huge pot belly since I was a kid. I have never bee...

Dec 27th 2013