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OK. Any advice on the portions of beans?

Sep 8th 2014

Oh and one more thing, I’ve been going to the gym now for about 4 months pretty hard, I’ve put muscle on so I think Ibe lost more than...

Sep 8th 2014

Been on this about 8 weeks now, I’ve only lost about 13 pounds. Recently I’ve been laid off so I’m waking up later and not getti...

Sep 8th 2014
Andrew Markovich asked a question:

bean portions

So I’ve been reading that you should be eating no less than 1 cup to 1.5 cups of beans a day. Do they mean raw or boiled? I find about 1/4 cup boils to 1 cup.. just a little confused. Thanks...

Sep 8th 2014

So does he mean less than a cup to 1.5 cups of legumes a day, cooked or raw? Because about 1/4 cup raw boils to about a cup... that's where I'm a l...

Sep 8th 2014
Aug 12th 2014
Kelly Corey voted for Tomhole's reply to:
Apr 24th 2014

I'm having the same issue. Today is only my 3rd day but I just don't like eating a big breakfast in the morning. Today I only have a couple of scr...

Oct 3rd 2012


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