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justin shared a tip:

Instagram Support Accounts

I noticed a few people using instagram to post photos of their food online. If anyone wants to post their usernames here below would be a great place. My friend Dana who used to come on this sit...

47 days ago
David Rago replied to LikkleNitty's question:

How much spinach is too much?


61 days ago
Brittany Molloseau replied to kjmc12's question:

Grams / Meal Ratio

you seem to have the right idea about all of it. there isn’t a particular ratio, and yes eat until you’re full. there may be a time when you need more protein if you are trying to kick...

Aug 24th 2014
RomulusLQ shared a tip:

Back on the wagon...

So I did the SCD a few years ago, met Tim Ferris, lost 22lbs in a month, etc. Life was amazing. Then my band fell apart, I had a lot of stress at my job, went on a 6 week vacation, moved and bough...

Aug 13th 2014

how about Greek yogurt? thought it was supposed to be so good for you?

Aug 8th 2014

I know this is an old post, but I would love to know what supplements, as well.

Jul 16th 2014

I know this is super-old, but I did find the citation and abstract on PubMed: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/16620293 "The results sugges...

May 26th 2014
Ben Blau replied to Pinky's tip:
Apr 23rd 2014

I'll also occasionally indulge in a dry prosecco. Great with anything I used to enjoy beer with. Prosecco and buffalo wings, for example (non-bread...

Apr 16th 2014

I didn't drink much while losing, but while on maintenance I consume one drink per week, either in the form of a dry gin martini, gin Ricky, or dry...

Apr 16th 2014
Ben Blau commented on Ben Blau's reply:

By the way, hard, aged cheeses generally have less lactose. Also, avoid pre-shredded cheese, as it is coated in starch. If you use cream cheese, op...

Apr 8th 2014
Ben Blau replied to Emma Chace's question:

Experiments with cheese

I lost 85 pounds in 10 months. I started with SCD, and switched to full keto after a few months. Before I reached my goal weight, just about anything outside of my basic keto repertoire would stal...

Apr 3rd 2014

Thanks so much for your response. About the lemon juice, I meant to ask if it was okay to drink it on non-cheat days. I edited my question.

Mar 19th 2014
Mar 19th 2014
Blanca Norez asked a question:

Some things I'm not sure about

I was wondering if it is ok to drink 3 tbsp. of lemon juice before each meal on non-cheat days, or is that just for damage control on cheat days? Also, I was wondering for those of you who do inte...

Mar 19th 2014
jvt asked a question:

Ezekiel bread ?

Hi, I’m just starting this diet. I’m really wondering if Ezekiel bread would be okay…. I’m a vegetarian so eating just beans and eggs sounds really ick. Ez. bread is all...

Mar 18th 2014
jvt was recruited into 4 Hour People by justin!

Give a warm welcome to jvt!

Mar 18th 2014
jvt blogged:

Jane (vegetarian)

I just turned 45, and in the past 2 months or so, I suddenly put on about 15 pounds of fat, without having noticeably changed my diet. I'm a vegetarian although I do eat fish and eggs. This is da...

Mar 18th 2014
justin replied to jvt's blog post:

Jane (vegetarian)

this is a cool site for vegetarians and runners: no meat athlete. welcome to the site.

Mar 18th 2014
Ben Blau replied to mrmadskillz1's question:

Gaining weight 2 days after cheat day.

I no longer do SCD (I’m strictly keto at this point), but I certainly remember struggling with cheat day water weight gain. In my experimentation, I have simply found nothing better, as a short ...

Mar 14th 2014
Brenda Wener replied to Anna Elettra Pizzi DeGaetano's question:

1St week gained 5kg

Are the beans canned? Even if low sodium, I still rinse mine.

Feb 19th 2014
Ben Blau commented on bnz99's reply:

Gary has many lectures on YouTube you could watch.

Feb 3rd 2014
Ben Blau replied to Karl Dennis's question:

Supplement to regulate (not just decrease) blood glucose?

I take 1000 mg of cinnamon any time I eat a meal that contains any amount of carbs at all, but not more than twice per day. In between meals, I supplement with GTF chromium. I think it does help...

Jan 29th 2014
Jan 27th 2014
Brenda Wener replied to Caren Jackson's question:

Need a support system, really going for gold this time

Come here for support. Remember you're doing this for your health. Not your BF's. You know he was sleeping...you're one up on him!

Jan 24th 2014


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