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deeanthony replied to Kim Wriedt's question:

Returning after 2 years off and need a hand

ugh me too! I have been trying to bounce back but after a weekend of cheating I fail…. I need motivation!

18 days ago
Cody Breene asked a question:

Glycemic Index Question

To be clear — I’ve read the book (carefully), and understand that on the Slow Carb Diet, you can’t eat breads/starches/grains etc. I just want to be clear with the reasoning be...

85 days ago
Maggie Hofener asked a question:

Newbie Questions

I am a total newbie and a little hesitant, but so intrigued too! I currently follow a paleo-ish/bulletproof/ketogenic diet and the thought of eating beans/carbs so regularly is a little scary - a...

May 26th 2015
Maggie Hofener replied to LauraCox's question:

TIP: Avoid whey protein when burning fat!

What about grass fed gelatin?

May 25th 2015
Maggie Hofener replied to LauraCox's question:

TIP: Avoid whey protein when burning fat!

What about grass fed gelatin?

May 25th 2015
Jacqueline Vaughn replied to Sparka Holic's question:

SCD-What am I doing wrong???

Here are a few possibilities: I’m pretty sure the parmesan cheese is not allowed I haven’t found sausage without sugar so I would double check your sausage and/or veggie burger...

May 22nd 2015
Jacqueline Vaughn replied to AJ McMath's question:

List of Protein Powders Approved for Slow Carb Diet

I haven’t seen a list but I use IsoPure (they have no carb flavors) which has not hindered my loss.

May 22nd 2015
Jacqueline Vaughn asked a question:

Starting to gain after 5 months of loss

Hey all! I have attached my spreadsheat of measurements since December, when I first started slow carb. I have been very strict with diet, only slipping up on a few nights over the past 5-6 months...

May 22nd 2015
Juan Staalenburg replied to Sparka Holic's question:

SCD-What am I doing wrong???

It’s refreshing to read your post as i too have wonderes why im not seeing the results I expected after reading the book and followng a strict diet, supplements AGG and PAGG. Cold showers, ...

May 13th 2015

It should read: “add pepper, cayenne, paprika, or any spice I’m feeling.” Sorry about the typo

Apr 28th 2015
Cody Boyce asked a question:

Is this a "super meal?"

I have a friend who is vegan, and she turned me on to a version of fried rice that is made with grated cauliflower, instead of actual rice. Being a fan of “big pot” meals, aka throwi...

Apr 28th 2015
Tony Bittick asked a question:

Eating and Cheating on Type 2 Diabetes

Having recently been diagnosed as a Type 2 Diabetic, I would like to hear more from peopple in similar situations. How they handle the program and especially cheat days. My family and I started ...

Apr 7th 2015
Chris K asked a question:

Flour Substitute Questions. This Doesn't Make Sense

So I’m getting kind of confused and a little frustrated with this. I’ve seen a few recipes here on this site, and on others, that say they are SCD freindly and use some sort of flour...

Feb 16th 2015
Jewelle Crane asked a question:

2 questions! Non-SCD family-body rejecting some carbs?

Hiya! I’ve been doing SCD for about 3 weeks but I have cheated a few times…im weak! I plan on following the diet more strictly but Im having so much trouble because I am the only one i...

Jan 31st 2015
Kyla Wright asked a question:

still no results? (week 2)

So it’s week two of following the 4HB diet to a T. Breakfast within 30 minutes? check. Black beans (in small portions) every day? check. No cheating- ever. check. 3L water per day? check. An...

Jan 29th 2015
justin replied to Jill Chaudhuri's question:

Having trouble eating enough

If you want to count something on SCD count grams of lean protein.

Jan 24th 2015
justin replied to John Vandegrift's question:

Am i going through carb or sugar withdrawal?

Eat more beans & legumes and a lot of good fats. Beans & Legumes would take care of “carb” withdrawal since they are “slow-carb.” Good fats would take care of sugar...

Jan 24th 2015
rudyard_reads asked a question:

Gamminol ok?

Anyone have any thoughts on this and the 4HB regimen?

Jan 16th 2015
Sl V replied to Phil Schroeder's question:

Brain fog or light headedness anyone?

I had been folowing a low-carb diet for most of last year with few results. I started 4hb and lost 9 lbs the first week. the only change for me was giving up dairy. I had terrible brain fog and he...

Jan 16th 2015
justin shared a tip:

Instagram Support Accounts

I noticed a few people using instagram to post photos of their food online. If anyone wants to post their usernames here below would be a great place. My friend Dana who used to come on this sit...

Oct 7th 2014
David Rago replied to LikkleNitty's question:

How much spinach is too much?


Sep 23rd 2014
Brittany Molloseau replied to kjmc12's question:

Grams / Meal Ratio

you seem to have the right idea about all of it. there isn’t a particular ratio, and yes eat until you’re full. there may be a time when you need more protein if you are trying to kick...

Aug 24th 2014
RomulusLQ shared a tip:

Back on the wagon...

So I did the SCD a few years ago, met Tim Ferris, lost 22lbs in a month, etc. Life was amazing. Then my band fell apart, I had a lot of stress at my job, went on a 6 week vacation, moved and bough...

Aug 13th 2014

how about Greek yogurt? thought it was supposed to be so good for you?

Aug 8th 2014

I know this is an old post, but I would love to know what supplements, as well.

Jul 16th 2014


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