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Meighan Forrer asked a question:

quinoa - in or out?

is quinoa accepted with 4 hour body diet? trying to follow 5 rules to see fast results. thank you!

37 days ago

I found this recently at Sam's. The brand is Tolerant.

45 days ago
56 days ago
Derrick Lloyd asked a question:

First timer looking for tips

Today is my first day on the 4hb plan. Does anyone have any tips that they wish they had know when they first started. Im also curious if anyone has a workout plan that they recommend for absolute...

67 days ago

Isn't grapefruit juice a good source of b vitamins? It would seem like that would play a role.

Nov 3rd 2015
Oct 14th 2015
Leeann Hjemvik replied to NatalieGS's question:

Ladies- changes in your period???

I’m so glad I found this site! I started the SCD about two months ago and my period has been all over the place (on time and fine the first month, spotting, then short and super light, then ...

Oct 12th 2015
Danielle Carter asked a question:

Different type of beans

in the book he only lists a couple types of beans, but are others OK too like navy? great northern? chick peas? etc..

Oct 3rd 2015
Denise Boedecker asked a question:

Is that ok?

Is Almond Milk ok on the 4HB diet? Also how about cheeses? I am also looking for more ideas on what can be eaten that is not listed on the basic food plan.

Sep 24th 2015
justin replied to Justin Smith's question:

Question about PAGG

If you have trouble keeping your cravings in check and staying on the plan. I’d say get it. I always use it to reset my course when I’ve been traveling or gotten off the diet. Once you...

Sep 22nd 2015
Andrea.Heilman was recruited into 4 Hour People by justin!

Give a warm welcome to Andrea.Heilman!

Sep 22nd 2015
Andrea.Heilman replied to Justin Smith's question:

Question about PAGG

I just started this program and am on week 2. I decided to order the supplements through Amazon and spent about an hour reading all the reviews. The one I purchased was from Kirkland Science Lab...

Sep 22nd 2015
Andrea.Heilman blogged:

Starting 4HB in one week!

Not much to say- I just have irregular eating habits due to a varying work schedule and a long commute that makes eating right and exercising a challenge I haven't had the motivation to overcome. ...

Sep 22nd 2015
justin replied to Andrea.Heilman's blog post:
Sep 22nd 2015
Chelsea.V was recruited into 4 Hour People by justin!

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Sep 22nd 2015
Chelsea.V replied to Aimee's question:

Calling all vegetarians!

This may not be the answer you were looking for….but I started slow carb as a vegetarian and ended up adding meat back to my life. I was a vegetarian for 7 years. Eating beans at every mea...

Sep 22nd 2015
Chelsea.V blogged:

Vegetarian gone meat eater

Hey everybody, I started slow carb back in May of this year. I had an immediate loss in weight and inches, likely due to water weight. I plateaued around week 4. I was a vegetarian at the time a...

Sep 22nd 2015
justin replied to Chelsea.V's blog post:
Sep 22nd 2015
Zain.OMar was recruited into 4 Hour People by justin!

Give a warm welcome to Zain.OMar!

Sep 22nd 2015
justin replied to Zain.OMar's blog post:
Sep 22nd 2015
Zain.OMar blogged:

Trying to Shed Some Pounds.

Ever since starting a new job, having knee and back injuries and being unable to work out, my weight has exploded. Trying to get it under control with Slow Carbing.

Sep 22nd 2015
deeanthony replied to Kim Wriedt's question:

Returning after 2 years off and need a hand

ugh me too! I have been trying to bounce back but after a weekend of cheating I fail…. I need motivation!

Aug 10th 2015
Jun 10th 2015
Cody Breene asked a question:

Glycemic Index Question

To be clear — I’ve read the book (carefully), and understand that on the Slow Carb Diet, you can’t eat breads/starches/grains etc. I just want to be clear with the reasoning be...

Jun 5th 2015
Maggie Hofener asked a question:

Newbie Questions

I am a total newbie and a little hesitant, but so intrigued too! I currently follow a paleo-ish/bulletproof/ketogenic diet and the thought of eating beans/carbs so regularly is a little scary - a...

May 26th 2015
Maggie Hofener replied to LauraCox's question:

TIP: Avoid whey protein when burning fat!

What about grass fed gelatin?

May 25th 2015
Maggie Hofener replied to LauraCox's question:

TIP: Avoid whey protein when burning fat!

What about grass fed gelatin?

May 25th 2015
Jacqueline Vaughn replied to Sparka Holic's question:

SCD-What am I doing wrong???

Here are a few possibilities: I’m pretty sure the parmesan cheese is not allowed I haven’t found sausage without sugar so I would double check your sausage and/or veggie burger...

May 22nd 2015
Jacqueline Vaughn replied to AJ McMath's question:

List of Protein Powders Approved for Slow Carb Diet

I haven’t seen a list but I use IsoPure (they have no carb flavors) which has not hindered my loss.

May 22nd 2015
Jacqueline Vaughn asked a question:

Starting to gain after 5 months of loss

Hey all! I have attached my spreadsheat of measurements since December, when I first started slow carb. I have been very strict with diet, only slipping up on a few nights over the past 5-6 months...

May 22nd 2015
Juan Staalenburg replied to Sparka Holic's question:

SCD-What am I doing wrong???

It’s refreshing to read your post as i too have wonderes why im not seeing the results I expected after reading the book and followng a strict diet, supplements AGG and PAGG. Cold showers, ...

May 13th 2015

It should read: “add pepper, cayenne, paprika, or any spice I’m feeling.” Sorry about the typo

Apr 28th 2015
Cody Boyce asked a question:

Is this a "super meal?"

I have a friend who is vegan, and she turned me on to a version of fried rice that is made with grated cauliflower, instead of actual rice. Being a fan of “big pot” meals, aka throwi...

Apr 28th 2015
Tony Bittick asked a question:

Eating and Cheating on Type 2 Diabetes

Having recently been diagnosed as a Type 2 Diabetic, I would like to hear more from peopple in similar situations. How they handle the program and especially cheat days. My family and I started ...

Apr 7th 2015
Chris K asked a question:

Flour Substitute Questions. This Doesn't Make Sense

So I’m getting kind of confused and a little frustrated with this. I’ve seen a few recipes here on this site, and on others, that say they are SCD freindly and use some sort of flour...

Feb 16th 2015
Jewelle Crane asked a question:

2 questions! Non-SCD family-body rejecting some carbs?

Hiya! I’ve been doing SCD for about 3 weeks but I have cheated a few times…im weak! I plan on following the diet more strictly but Im having so much trouble because I am the only one i...

Jan 31st 2015
Kyla Wright asked a question:

still no results? (week 2)

So it’s week two of following the 4HB diet to a T. Breakfast within 30 minutes? check. Black beans (in small portions) every day? check. No cheating- ever. check. 3L water per day? check. An...

Jan 29th 2015
justin replied to Jill Chaudhuri's question:

Having trouble eating enough

If you want to count something on SCD count grams of lean protein.

Jan 24th 2015
justin replied to John Vandegrift's question:

Am i going through carb or sugar withdrawal?

Eat more beans & legumes and a lot of good fats. Beans & Legumes would take care of “carb” withdrawal since they are “slow-carb.” Good fats would take care of sugar...

Jan 24th 2015
rudyard_reads asked a question:

Gamminol ok?

Anyone have any thoughts on this and the 4HB regimen?

Jan 16th 2015
Sl V replied to Phil Schroeder's question:

Brain fog or light headedness anyone?

I had been folowing a low-carb diet for most of last year with few results. I started 4hb and lost 9 lbs the first week. the only change for me was giving up dairy. I had terrible brain fog and he...

Jan 16th 2015


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