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Very helpful.....thanks

Apr 14th 2012
Apr 14th 2012

I too, was a starving Weight Watcher.

Apr 14th 2012

thank you...it helped me....

Apr 14th 2012

sorry that "you shouldnt be hungry between meals"

Apr 13th 2012

No medical issues... I home cook my beans. In an emergency, I used caned, but drain and rinse them. Honestly, I dont get it. I work out three...

Apr 13th 2012

to add: Here is what I am eating each day. This is what I each each day. I don't cheat. 3 eggs, spinach, 6:00 a.m. coffee/cinnamon/cream 1 can...

Apr 13th 2012

I reduced from 3/4 cup each meal to 2/3 cup. Veggies with each meal, and 4 oz of protien. I get hungry.

Apr 13th 2012
dawnchandler replied to Nin Nappi's question:

Gluten and cheat day

Yes! I have one day, where I am actually down 1-2 pounds. I have posted concerns/question. Not sure about the gluten. I am, however, interested.

Apr 13th 2012

Here I am 7 days later, with no loss. I made the changes. UGH! I have been on the SCD for 6 weeks. I have gained muscle, but the fat is still...

Apr 12th 2012

Thanks....I will totally make these changes. More protein, less beans, and cheat day damage control.

Apr 6th 2012

Thanks for the replies and support. Sometimes I get so confused. the 4 Hour Body book say to follow EXACTLY, so I thought I did. (beans at ever...

Apr 6th 2012
Apr 5th 2012
dawnchandler asked a question:

I am not loosing weight...why????

Please let me now what I'm doing wrong!!!! Each day I have the 30 in 30.I have been doing the SCD for over 1 month and have not lost any weight, have gained weight and lost no inches lost. I a...

Apr 5th 2012
dawnchandler blogged:

Member intro: DawnC

I have been on the SCD for one month. Each cheat day, I gain no less than 4 pounds and it take 3-4 days to loose. I then have 2 days left before my cheat day again. then the whole vicious cycle...

Apr 3rd 2012
jaestevens blogged:

Gettin' Lean

Down 20 lbs. Been with it since January 2011.

Sep 9th 2011
Revenge700 blogged:

Revenge 700

Not much to tell, been wanting to lose the same 10-20 pounds for years, in fact, I've gained weight, since I've been working out and exercising. I looked to countless sites hoping they would have ...

Aug 12th 2011

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