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Krista Valleskey asked a question:

What to eat when you're sick?

So I was always taught when you vomit or have the runs to use the BRAT diet... B ananas R ice A pplesauce T oast or tea Nothing on there is SCD friendly except tea which I don't like and isn't v...

Sep 25th 2012
Sep 20th 2012

So great to hear! I don't like hard boiled eggs and scrambled is my favorite so I was hoping to try it like that Glad it works then!

Sep 6th 2012
Krista Valleskey asked a question:

I don't want to eat, what's wrong with me?

I should want to eat, I woke up late and didn't have time for breakfast so I had to just grab a handful of almonds. Come lunch time I feel hungry physically, but I don't want to eat! I have no app...

Aug 31st 2012
jwagner347 asked a question:

Bench Press

I am doing "Eating the Elephant" bench press plan as part of my workout. I don't always make my goal reps on the wide and narrow grip bench press. What do I do the next week if I don't...

Sep 10th 2011
jwagner347 replied to jitkajulie's question:

Almonds slowing down fat loss??

It could also just be that the almonds are giving you too much fiber in your diet, which can lead to feelings of bloating. People often talk about not getting enough fiber, but too much fiber can...

Sep 10th 2011
jwagner347 blogged:

Looking for a better body in 1/4 the time.

I'm pretty fit now and have good muscle tone, but I'd like to add some more lean muscle and lose a little body fat (let's see those six pack abs that I know are hiding under there). Perhaps more ...

Aug 14th 2011

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