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tinasjoi replied to Daan D.'s question:

SCD anti-social?

When my friends have me over or we go out they are really considerate to my 4HB lifestyle. Education is half the battle. I stick to it when I get out so I can waive off the ones who think I can't ...

Apr 3rd 2012
tinasjoi replied to LizzieBee's question:

Lack of appetite in Week 10

I have found that headed into week five. However, I know that even when you do not feel hungry your body will stop losing everything because your not eating enough. So what I did, was made like a ...

Apr 3rd 2012
tinasjoi replied to Getfitgirl's question:


Just get back on it. I also found that when you eat more beans you do not have the desire to continuing cheating, load up on beans those have been my life saver. Jump back on it does not matter wh...

Apr 3rd 2012
tinasjoi replied to Sarahtothe3rd's question:

Does exercise quicken fat loss results?

This is starting my second week first week lost 8 pounds and 1.3 inches. I did notice my first week when working out 45 minutes or more of cardio I would lose like two pounds a day. After my first...

Mar 26th 2012
tinasjoi voted for turner1220's reply to:
Mar 26th 2012

I do the same but I use egg whites and one yolk to two whites...I do a dash of hot sauce when I make ground beef....

Mar 26th 2012
tinasjoi replied to Xykevinr's question:

Why do we drink so much water ?

Water in any program is used to flush everything out that you do not need or want. It also burns calories to process the water and to get it for one location to another. Plus when you are drinking...

Mar 26th 2012
tinasjoi commented on Minnesota's reply:

Without the beans it is just Atkins, however I have been on Atkins and you are hungry all day and you have cravings. The beans help to keep your i...

Mar 26th 2012

I had my first week and my first cheat day. I started with my potien shake and ended up going out. When out to eat, got a fresh squeezed grapefrui...

Mar 26th 2012

I have been using regular bacon and organic turkey bacon from the speciality store that has no sugar..I have to use a little oil to fry it because...

Mar 26th 2012
tinasjoi commented on s joshua's reply:

Truthfully for me...its NUTS...I stopped buying them, I realized day one it was going to be an issue and decided to stop buying them right then an...

Mar 26th 2012
tinasjoi commented on Jake's reply:

Hey Jake...thanks for adding me to the team. I am really looking forward to having a "member/partner" with me on this cool journey. On t...

Mar 26th 2012
tinasjoi blogged:

40 and Nervous about Resturant foods!!

41 years old, recently lost 130 pounds on another program. However I am stuck with 30 pounds that won't leave. A buddy from high school started months ago and he is high school slim again. Bought ...

Mar 24th 2012

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