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Thanks Jens. I've yet to add any serious exercise to my diet plan (that's right, 115lbs w/o any exercise aside from binge-day pre/post meal ones)...

Jan 29th 2012
Jan 29th 2012
Philosophy-Nut asked a question:

Stomach Fat

I've been on the SCD now for just over a year and have lost nearly 115 lbs! My original weight was 370 and I'm 6'4'', so you can imagine the gut I had (have still). I'm wondering if anyone out th...

Jan 29th 2012
Philosophy-Nut replied to justhamade's question:

100 days progress

Did you do any specific exercises to target the gut? I started out at 360, down to 300 now but of course the gut is going to be an issue. thanks

May 20th 2011

Butter and margarine are not the same. I had the unfortunate opportunity to see how margarine was made, I've not eaten it since!

May 20th 2011
Philosophy-Nut replied to eclaire's question:

First week: Not so impressed

I'm guessing by "I'm not within 10 day of my period..." that you're a woman. Gender and age can play a major factor in weightloss. The older you are (40+ especially) the less dramatic ...

May 20th 2011
Philosophy-Nut replied to ooh_barracuda's question:

Is eating so often so important?

I've been on the SCD for a little over 4 months now and let me tell ya, be ready to eat more! at the beginning I was only eating 3x a day with maybe some carrots late at night. I'm now at the po...

May 20th 2011

oh, I started out at 360lbs in Jan. Down to ~300 and going strong :)

May 11th 2011

I've been doing the 2-legged glute, flying dog, and kettlebell exercises laid out on page 164. I've been slowly increasing my kettlebell reps each...

Mar 3rd 2011
Philosophy-Nut asked a question:

I <3 this Diet! A tip for those wanting to lose 80+

I started the slow-carb diet the 3rd Janurary with the following stats: Weight: 358 Total Inches: 204.5 I'm now on week 7 and my stats are as follows: Weight: 328 Total Inches: 188 Being that I'...

Feb 27th 2011

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