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Member replied to quanshu's question:

Egg Whites or Whole Eggs?

I just use the shells themselves to do the separating. Toss the yolk back and forth until it's all that's left and toss the yolk in the trash with the shells. Sorry if that seems obvious

Aug 8th 2011
Member replied to yarnphreak's question:

Fruits (for the ladies)

I was re-reading this part of the book, and I don't completely buy that the fructose spiked his iron levels. He specifically used OJ, which is recommended with iron supplements because high levels...

Aug 1st 2011
Member replied to eltigretony's question:

Can I substitute almond for nuts in Last Mile?

Yup! Almonds are nuts. Are you maybe thinking of peanuts? Peanuts aren't technically nuts...

Jul 27th 2011
Member replied to Slowbites's question:

What are your favorite and most useful ways to track your progress, process and results? has been incredible. Discovered it last year through Google. Track everything - you can add all sorts of exercises. And it's FREE!

Jul 25th 2011
Member replied to elisarosen's question:
Jul 22nd 2011
Member replied to Angel67's question:

Need to lose 175 pounds

Read the book?

Jul 22nd 2011
Member replied to npayan's question:

Tuna recipes to share?

My favorite is cooked, cold French lentils (1C dry) with a chopped red onion, olive oil, red wine vinegar, and a 7oz can of tuna with fresh cracked pepper. Chill for a cold salad.

Jul 17th 2011
Member replied to Jessica Sleight's question:

What do you eat for Breakfast?

Don't eat those together. Put them in separate bowls. That'll help right away. That's basically what I eat every morning. Sometimes I hardboil the eggs so I have something in my stomach when I ta...

Jul 17th 2011
Member replied to Jessica Sleight's question:

How much should I be eating please help

Eat a handful of almonds on your break (or keep them in your pocket and sneak them ) You need something between 11 and 9.

Jul 17th 2011
Member is doing my tutorial!

Slow-carb Shepherd's Pie

In this challenge, you'll learn how to make one of my favorite slow-carb recipes: slow-carb shepherd's pie which uses mashed cauliflower instead of...

Jul 6th 2011
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Jul 6th 2011

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