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Akaardry Akaardry replied to Chasidy Ochalek's blog post:

Hello fellow slow carbers!

Glad to hear it is going good for you! I have come to learn that on this diet, you really do need to do a bit of tweaking to find out what works best for you. As for me, I am on week 4 and have lo...

Aug 12th 2012

This may seem strange but I combine it with a can of albacore tuna. GREAT source of protein and it kinda balances out the "strong" taste...

Aug 4th 2012
Aug 4th 2012

Tanx! Same to you. I understand I have those jeans tucked in the back of my closet just waiting for me.

Aug 2nd 2012
Akaardry Akaardry replied to Dilek Kelid's blog post:

What was your harajuku moment?!

When I went to put on a pair of jeans that use to be big on me and couldnt even get them past my thighs... It was a sad day. Now I am back into my Motherhood Maternity pants. ( Whats even sadder, ...

Aug 2nd 2012
Akaardry Akaardry asked a question:

Here I am... with questions!

Hello 4H ppl! So, I joined this forum about hmmm.... a long time ago. I would have to say like 9 months ago. I stumbled across Tim Ferriss and his book in the break room of my work. I was in the m...

Aug 2nd 2012
DaveakaRNG asked a question:

Super Bowl Sunday not my designated cheat day!? What to do???

I started the SCD 2 days ago...so far so good. I always worked weekends, so I've decided to make Wednesday (my Saturday) my cheat day. Greatly looking forward to it. So here's the deal. I'm al...

Jan 21st 2012

Thanks Sam, I'm looking forward to it!

Jan 19th 2012
DaveakaRNG blogged:

Aloha from Maui

January 19, 2012...Day One Yesterday was shopping day. Got the PAGG supplements, individually from Vitamin World and GNC, and lots of food. Constructed my own T-bar kettle bell. I'm ready to g...

Jan 19th 2012

Thank you for the input guys! It is funny that you mention experimenting with it because I decided to do so. Someone said that it could be ok in t...

Sep 20th 2011
Akaardry Akaardry blogged:

What I learned from all of you about Whey

So, like I said I started this diet about 3 weeks ago. I was doing fabulously! I was so stoked and excited about how easy it was. I even recommended this book to some friends and all of them are n...

Sep 15th 2011
Akaardry Akaardry blogged:

Maui Amber

I have been on this long journey for about a year now. I have lost over a 100 lbs! I just learned of the 4 Hour Body about a month ago. Let me say that I am VERY happy to have come across that mag...

Sep 14th 2011

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