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Johanna Scott blogged:

yummy pea salad

2 cups steamed peas 1 cup any combo beans 1 diced chicken breasted chilled 2 tbsp apple vinegar 3 tbsp or so to your liking mayo Salt and pepperto taste Combine vinegar and Mayo in bowl. Mix. Add...

Feb 28th 2013
pwkgolf asked a question:

Decrease rest period

Hello 4-Hour Body People! I've just completed month 1 of a personally tuned version of G2F/Occams. I'm eating a lot (on a vegetarian diet) and working out hard with 2, sometimes 3 days of rest in...

Dec 17th 2011
Jun 5th 2011

Anyone get one of these peanut balls? Looks to me like a great inexpensive alternative to the BOSU ball. I have 65 cm swiss ball and am using that...

Jun 5th 2011

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