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enriquedali replied to mizeriqua's question:

The Big Book of Excuses

Great post!!! I live in the obesity capital on the world, so i got this reaction from almost everyone. People seem to want you to fail, to be just like everyone else. Tomorrow i will have compl...

Jun 15th 2012

Update: week6 - Total weight loss: 11.4 lbs (168 down to 156.6) BF% Change: about a 2% loss (20%-ish down to 18%), I had to replace my scales, s...

May 21st 2012

I'm using a $30 scale from target. Its pretty close to my caliper measured BF%, but neither is 100% accurate. I find the scales work pretty good ...

May 14th 2012

This week I aim to get back on schedule, not miss any meals, and continue the decreased nut intake. I also started the week with a good cheat meal...

May 14th 2012

week 4 & 5 update: I experimented in week 4 with a ton of low intensity cardio, biking 100 miles. The results were 1.6 lbs loss, all fat (bas...

May 14th 2012
enriquedali replied to Abe Frohman's question:

Occam's question regarding the exercises...

After about 4 weeks of OP, I added the Yates row and reverse drag curl on reverse grip pull down / shoulder press day, or workout A. I was feeling good and didn't want to rush out of the gym, so i...

May 11th 2012

Meant Yerba Mate tea

Apr 26th 2012

Update : On week 3 I'm down 7 lbs, losing about 2.5 per week. I see some noticeable muscle loss but i can put that back on later. I'm just below ...

Apr 26th 2012

"..."Way of eating" not a diet..." Love it! Can I use that? I'm sick of hearing "diet."

Apr 26th 2012
enriquedali replied to Charley's question:

Who is still here from Jan/Feb?

Still here! Congratulations on your weight loss!!! I started SCD mid January & through Feb I lost about 7 lbs, going from 165lbs to 158lbs. I then started occams with modified SCD (I added p...

Apr 26th 2012
enriquedali replied to Mads's question:

Stalled workouts?

I considered not getting at least 7 reps a stall, so i repeated the weight the next workout.

Apr 24th 2012

Thank you for the advice. I will start out slow and easy walking and stationary bike. My main goal it to optimize LM while minimizing muscle loss...

Apr 5th 2012

Thanks for your feedback! Based on what i have read: The low intensity cardio targets the highest percentage of calories from fat. LM reduces yo...

Apr 4th 2012
enriquedali asked a question:

Maintain muscle gain while on last mile...

Thanks for reading my question...I did SC for 6 weeks losing about 7 lbs. I followed up with 6 weeks on Occams, which i will complete on Friday gaining around 10 lbs. So I'm primed for Last Mile,...

Apr 4th 2012
enriquedali blogged:


I'm a 4HourPeople. Just completed 6 weeks of SCD. Starting Occam's now.

Feb 27th 2012

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