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healthnutnation replied to tgabrukiewicz's question:

Portion control

Sometimes a persons body won't let go of the weight as easily because there are other health issues going on. If you have a Naturopath in your area it might be a really good idea to have a check u...

May 16th 2011
healthnutnation replied to Steph's question:

Isn't Edamame the same thing as Soy?

If you do eat edamame be sure to buy organic. Soy is one of the most highly sprayed crops (soy, cotton, and corn are in the top 5) and has a very high level of pesticide residue. Also, soy does co...

May 16th 2011
healthnutnation is doing my tutorial!

Zero-carb Vanilla Cinnamon Pancakes

This challenge will teach you how to make zero-carb pancakes for breakfast. These delicious pancakes taste close to real pancakes, just without the...

May 16th 2011
healthnutnation replied to RunLMacRun's question:

Fruit Teas… Yay or Nay?

Tea does not contain sugar unless it is added after it's been brewed. Any herbal tea is fine to have on the SCD.

May 15th 2011
healthnutnation replied to jamirox's question:

Low Energy, Low Mood

It sounds to me like you need more carbohydrates and/or fat. Your brain needs both fat and carbs to function properly which also affects mood. Try adding a few more beans with some olive oil and s...

May 15th 2011

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