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Linda Nofsinger replied to Arelleth's blog post:

Before and After - Week 4

I saw your before and after pictures and you did great! I don't have the book yet but started the diet today anyway. I don't understand what some of the people mean about eating bacon instead of s...

Jul 23rd 2013
ultraking commented on G G's reply:

Good deal, thanks guys, I will post later how it is working out. I appreciate all the feedback.

Jul 5th 2013
ultraking asked a question:

Martial Arts

I am currently doing slow carb and following it strictly. Today I signed up for a Martial Arts class (specifically Commando Krav Maga), it should be one class per week for about an hour. I have ...

Jul 3rd 2013
ultraking commented on Tomhole's reply:

Thanks so much Gretchin, we are definitely going that route. I appreciate it greatly.

Jun 20th 2013
ultraking commented on Tomhole's reply:

I think we are going to up her calories, I am curious to hear from some women as well. Any more thoughts?

Jun 20th 2013
ultraking commented on Tomhole's reply:

Thanks Tom, I appreciate it greatly. We had a lot of success at one point just counting calories, so it's hard to get away from the calories in/c...

Jun 20th 2013
ultraking asked a question:

Help for my wife

My wife and I have been on SCD for almost a month now and her weight loss has completely stalled, no weight and no inches. We wondering if it's possible that she is not eating enough. She has ...

Jun 20th 2013
Rusty Farrell replied to Suzanne Roberts's question:

Returning to Slow Carb

Congratulations! Quick question for you guys as I'm new to the SCD. Did you guys use the PAGG stack supplements the first time around? Are you all using them for your April run?

Apr 1st 2013
Mary Ellen Maloney asked a question:

Legumes beans etc

What is the theory behind eating legumes beans etc? I know that's what makes the diet "slow carb" do you really have to eat them? I've not been eating them the last week and I've lost 3 ...

Nov 15th 2012

Thanks! All very helpful!

Nov 10th 2012

I usually eat low carb but am not super consistent. I just read the chapter you are talking about. Basically alot less carbs and no lentils etc ri...

Nov 9th 2012

I also wonder if it will be harder for me to lose since I already pretty much eat low carb. However, I am not consistent so I am sure if I really ...

Nov 9th 2012

I agree Akane that it's all about patience and staying the course! Mary C, I relate to you on the weighing...I am the same way! It ruins my day wh...

Nov 9th 2012
georgecooper blogged:

Wanting to be 2/3 the man I used to be.

George in South Carolina. 6'3 290 (Dan Patrick would cue the ). 30-something. Soda City. My goal is to get back down to my 8-9th grade weight. I've been overweight since I was 8. It would fe...

Jun 9th 2012

I wouldn't consider it a stall, but I usually see the results of my weight loss on the day of my cheat day(7 day period). Some advice on how to sp...

Nov 18th 2011
silasporterfieldjr asked a question:

Some tips from you all to lose some BF% will be great.

Hi everybody. Just wanted to say because of this and your advice, I'm now at 22% BF at a weight 200. 196.8 without the lingering inside stuff. I just need to get down to 20% BF(below would be even...

Nov 18th 2011
silasporterfieldjr replied to Vtine311's blog post:

Tomorrow is cheat day for most!

hmm well lets take a looksie (I'm not a sweet tooth guy, but I do love the good stuff) Lets see. Waffles. I totally need waffles for breakfast. Waffle house baby! Some juice/ sweet tea. There's ...

Oct 28th 2011
silasporterfieldjr asked a question:

What are good recommendations for Protein Shakes?

Hey Everybody. As a 21 year old, 66cm tall male doing the SCD since July 11 at 230lbs, I clocked myself in Saturday morning of Oct 22nd at 199.6 lbs. That was pre cheat day. As of now, I clocke...

Oct 20th 2011
silasporterfieldjr replied to sbrown's question:

What is your favorite cheat meal?

Pizza. The most tasty and delicious of all that is tasty and delicious .

Oct 10th 2011
silasporterfieldjr replied to zannix's question:

Where Do You Get Your Vitamin C From?

I get mine from the Coconut Water pre/post workout, or some juice during my day of awesomeness(Cheat day).

Oct 8th 2011
silasporterfieldjr replied to Boneysaunz's blog post:

Member intro: Army trying to lose the fat

Hey. I'm in the AFROTC, and if things are going according to plan, I should be in my uniform by the end of the month . I got until Dec 02, but the sooner the better. It works I'll tell you that. W...

Oct 5th 2011
silasporterfieldjr replied to JoyMc's question:

Cheat Day vs Dieters Gone Wild Day-preference?

I call it my Day of Awesomeness without any Guilt.

Oct 3rd 2011
silasporterfieldjr replied to Minnesota's question:

Check-in Time

Okie Dokie Lokie. Well I never counted weeks, I just know I started around June 11, with a weight around 230. Damn the college life really had its up and downs on me. As of Saturday, my weigh-in ...

Oct 2nd 2011

Only meat and beans, and veggies....No breads. It's nothing more than filler when you think about it. Besides with the cheat day, you can cut lose...

Sep 5th 2011
silasporterfieldjr replied to angi465's question:

Is anybody else out there getting full fast?

For me personally, I wouldn't say I get full, but I get to the point where I just feel contented, and just don't want to eat anymore, without feeling bloated. And this is how I feel when I cut loo...

Sep 3rd 2011
silasporterfieldjr blogged:

I'm a Computer Science Major, and a Gamecock.

Going to college by myself the first time, It was unbelievable of the freedom I had. For the Spring semester of 2011, I unfortunately felt more comfortable with that notion. I gained weight, start...

Aug 30th 2011

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