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couchap commented on El-Shig's reply:

have a look in "building Muscle" where i have posted some pictures of a T bar i have had made, which i will happily give you details for...

Jun 16th 2011
couchap replied to matolbert's question:

Anyone have IT band issues?

yes, had it in both knees at one time or another. keep perservering with the foam roller ( do it to the point where it REALLY hurts to do the excercise), and dont run with any weight ie backpack. ...

Jun 16th 2011
couchap replied to Rano_pano's question:

Kettlebell T-Bar alternative supplies in the UK

I am going to opt to get one made. Wherever you live, there will be a metalworks / engineering works nearby. Our local one has quoted me around £30 to make the T Bar set up for me, and i doubt ma...

Jun 7th 2011

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